Donald Trump loves daughter Ivanka more than wife Melania, source claims

Donald Trump loves daughter Ivanka more than wife Melania, source claims

Donald Trump allegedly loves his daughter Ivanka more than his wife Melania, according to Apprentice star Claudia Jordan.

Donald Trump has a close bond with his daughter Ivanka and those who have been following him know that. Claudia Jordan claims that the president favors his daughter over the First Lady, Melania Trump.

Donald Trump allegedly loves Ivanka more than Melania

Donald Trump made inappropriate, suggestive statements about his daughter in the past, prompting others to speculate that he was attracted to Ivanka. Claudia Jordan had the same observation – that Donal loves Ivanka more than his third wife, Melania Trump.

“He favors Ivanka over his own wife, like come on,” Claudia said in an episode of Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef per Hollywood Life.

“He loves Ivanka. I think he’s okay with [Donald] Trump Jr. And Eric [Trump] is just like, whatever. The afterthought, but he’s the ugliest.”

Trump values people based on their looks

Claudia Jordan also recounted her experience when she was still in Celebrity Apprentice. According to her, the POTUS “judges people by looks” and their “weight.” Jordan also stressed that her statement was true.

“He does. He values people based on how thin they are, how attractive they are, if they’re rich,” she added.

Marla and Tiffany are sweet

Claudia Jordan also recalled her encounter with Donald Trump’s second family, Marla Maples and Tiffany. According to her, the mother and daughter were very sweet.

“We did a photo shoot and you know, Marla and Tiffany are totally fine and sweet,” Jordan shared.

“I think Tiffany is the most neglected of all the daughters. I kind of feel like he doesn’t give her as much attention. Now, a little bit more, but I feel like at the time she wasn’t getting that and I really thought she was a sweetheart and Marla, she’s very sweet.”

Trump’s town hall was a debacle

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Donald Trump appeared on NBC for his town hall moderated by Savannah Guthrie. However, many felt that his town hall was a failure. One said Donald looked like he was “decomposing in real-time” while Guthrie asked him tough questions.

On the other hand, many also slammed Guthrie for the way she handled the town hall. Others felt that she was rude and disrespectful to the POTUS.

Dan Gainor of Fox News penned an op-ed about the town hall and said that it became a debate between Trump and Guthrie. But for him, the POTUS won it.


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