Donald Trump mocked after announcing America’s future in 4 years on Twitter

Donald Trump mocked after announcing America's future in 4 years on Twitter

Donald Trump is aiming for re-election, and he announced on Twitter what America would be like in the next four years with him as president.

Donald Trump is not slowing down when it comes to his efforts to win the presidential race. The POTUS, who is always active on Twitter, shared what the Americans can expect under his leadership. However, it seemed that many were not happy about it.

Donald Trump shares the future of America with him

Donald Trump took to Twitter and gave the public an idea of what the country will be like in the next four years under his administration.

“Over the next 4 years, we will make America into the Manufacturing Superpower of the World & end our reliance on China. We will end surprise medical billing, require price transparency, lower drug prices even more, and we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions!” he tweeted.

Netizens react to Trump’s post

Donald Trump’s post received mixed responses from the netizens who read. Many slammed the president, with some of them telling Trump to enjoy the prison, implying that he will end up behind bars.

“The last 4 years have felt like a prison sentence. In 4 days we will be released and if justice prevails, our jailer will start serving his sentence,” one commented.

Meanwhile, many also slammed the POTUS because, for them, he failed to deliver what he promised four years ago. So, they will not be supporting him this time.

“Hey, remember everything I literally promised you four years ago and failed to deliver? Let’s pretend that never happened…and just make like I’m promising you the same shit all over again!” Andy Ostroy added.

“Bye Bye. You had 4 years and failed miserably,” another wrote.

“Sorry. You had 4 years to do that and didn’t! Too late,” a different user wrote while announcing support for Joe Biden.

Despite the backlash and attacks that many threw at Donald Trump, he still has a lot of supporters who are ready to defend him. One netizen blamed Trump for doctors and nurses who are dying due to COVID-19.

Another refuted and said Trump stood with the front line workers and fought hard to replenish their depleted medical supplies that the Obama administration allegedly neglected.

Joe Biden allegedly going down

Donald Trump made another post against his close rival Joe Biden. Trump said that his numbers are looking “very good all over.” He added that “Sleepy Joe is already beginning to pull out of certain states.” Trump concluded the tweet by saying that the “radical left is going down!”


Image used courtesy of 60 Minutes/YouTube Screenshot

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