Donald Trump mocked on Twitter after Joe Biden Wins presidency: ‘You’re fired’

Donald Trump mocked on Twitter after Joe Biden Wins presidency: 'You're fired'

Donald Trump and Joe Biden had a close fight during the presidential election, but the latter beat the former after being named as the new president-elect. Twitter users are now coming after Trump and telling him to “go to jail” and “you’re fired.”

Donald Trump was defeated in the Presidential race. Associated Press and NBC have already reported that the new president-elect is Biden after he surpassed the required 270 electoral votes. Shortly after Biden’s victory was reported, Twitter users immediately slammed Trump, and many of them are telling him to “go to jail.”

Donald Trump slammed mocked on Twitter

Donald Trump’s critics are celebrating his defeat, and many of them mocked the POTUS on Twitter. Some of them said the POTUS is fired while others told him to “go to jail.”

“@realDonaldTrump What a sore loser. Concede and go to jail. Shock us all and be an adult for once,” one wrote.

“@realDonaldTrump Hope you’re watching tv like you usually spend 90% of ur time, so you can see all of us celebrating your demise!! We f—-ng hate you & rejoice in your defeat! Party’s going to be even bigger the day you go to jail.F— YOU, A—HOLE!! GTFO of our house!” another commented.

Aside from people telling Trump to go to jail, many mocked the POTUS and told him that he was already fired from the White House.

“Bye bye Trump, you’re fired….right into outer space!!!!” one wrote.

“Hey, Donnie.. YOU’RE FIRED #YoureFiredTrump #YouAreFired,” another added.

Trump’s supporters believed he won

Although Trump lost in the election, he is not showing any signs of concession. And while many slammed him after he lost to Joe Biden in the presidential race, many also believed that he actually won.

“You are the winner. It’s only a matter of time until that is FINALLY realized. God’s will BE done! Hallelujah!” Anna Khait commented on Trump’s post.

“You didn’t lose, you were cheated! We the people demand a redo! No mail in ballots, everyone shows up with id and votes!” one Trump supporter tweeted.

“I speak for all usa citizens you’re still our president,” another wrote.

“You are the best president ever.  You deserve so much more than this crap.  Thank you for fighting so hard for America,” @NYtoKS17 added.

Many still expressed their support to the POTUS, telling him that he would remain their president. Another thanked Donald Trump for fighting hard for America. The same netizen said he will be the “best president ever” for her.

A different Twitter user said he had been a U.S. citizen for 50 years and had never seen an election as rigged. He has had enough of Trump being robbed and announced that he would move out of the country because his kids are scare of Biden.

Biden released a statement after winning the election

Joe Biden had already spoken up after leading the presidential race. In a tweet, he announced that he would be the “President for all Americans” regardless if the citizen voted for him or on.

“I will keep the faith that you have placed in me,” he concluded.


Image used courtesy of Sky News/YouTube Screenshot

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