Donald Trump mocked on Twitter after boasting about fake award

Donald Trump mocked on Twitter after boasting about fake award

Donald Trump faced another round of mockery from the Twitter users after mentioning the “Bay of Pigs Award” when he boasted about his relationship with the Cubans.

Donald Trump takes pride in his good relationship with the Cuban community. He even boasted about the Bay of Pigs Award they gave him. However, Twitter users mocked the president because they couldn’t find such award.

Donald Trump mocked for fake award

In a tweet, President Donald Trump shaded “sleepy Joe Biden” for allegedly being terrible to Hispanic. He went on and took pride in the “Bay of Pigs Award” that the Cubans from Miami gave him for his work for the Cuban population.

He also mentioned the same award in a speech and said that it was a big honor because it’s not given out easily.

However, the Twitter user mocked the POTUS because when they searched for the award, they couldn’t find it. So, they concluded that Trump was only making it up, and it was a “fake” award.

“REMINDER: The racist id–t who is bragging about Hispanic support in Florida and a fictitious Bay of Pigs award allowed THOUSANDS of people to die in Puerto Rico,” one wrote.

“fun fact: there is no ‘Bay of Pigs Award.’ try googling it,” another added.

“There is no ‘Bay of Pigs award.’ Perhaps he meant to say he got the ‘Baby Pig’ award,” Katie Phang, legal contributor at NBC and MSNBC tweeted.


Bay of Pigs Award explained

While many were fast to judge and mocked President Donald Trump for the “Bay of Pigs Award,” another user seemed to get his point. According to Daniel Dale, a reporter for CNN, the POTUS probably meant endorsement he received from the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association in 2016.

Dale corrected the POTUS and said it’s not an award, and Trump “has a long history of turning endorsements and other non-awards into awards.”

Also, the endorsement was unprecedented, according to local news coverage, so Trump could boast about it.

Trump visited the Bay of Pigs Museum in 2016 and addressed the Brigade 2506 veterans of the Cuban battle. While the Brigade’s presidential endorsement was unprecedented, its involvement in politics isn’t new at all. In fact, the members have been staples in political circles for decades, Miami Herald reported.

They also kick out Brigade members who don’t support their political views. For instance, Democrat Alfredo Duran was booted out for his anti-embargo views.


Image used courtesy of The Telegraph/YouTube Screenshot

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