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Donald Trump’s NBC town hall became a debate against Savannah Guthrie


Donald Trump and Savannah Guthrie seemed to have a debate against each other during the POTUS’ town hall at NBC on Thursday, according to Dan Gainor.

Donald Trump and Savannah Guthrie seemed to have a debate during the POTUS’ town hall on Thursday. Dan Gainor penned an op-ed about Trump’s town hall for Fox News and criticized Guthrie for how she handled the event.

Donald Trump won the debate against Savannah

According to Dan Gainor, she was supposed to be the moderator where the president would take questions from the citizens, but it ended up with Savannah Guthrie peppering Donald Trump with numerous questions.

“It wasn’t a town hall, it was a debate. Except instead of Trump debating Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, as originally planned, Trump had to debate Guthrie,” he wrote.

“And the winner of the debate, hands down, was Trump.”

Savannah allegedly harassed Trump

Dan Gainor also accused Savannah Guthrie of harassing Donald Trump about masks and holding White House events during the coronavirus pandemic. He also slammed Guthrie for demanding Trump to denounce White supremacy because the POTUS had already repeatedly done it.

Gainor felt that the moderator did a lot of arguing which wasn’t part of her role. Also, it allegedly took 20 minutes in the hour-long event before the “Today” host let the audience chimed in and asked their questions.

“Guthrie ripped it back to push her own agenda — talking about Trump’s taxes,” Gainor added.

Trump’s town hall was allegedly bias

Gainor also quoted Ben Smith and Donal Trump’s statements prior to the town hall in which both predicted that the event be will biased.

“Enormous pressure on NBC now to make this thing a nightmare for Trump,” Smith tweeted.

Donald Trump also tweeted about his town hall at NBC and said it will be a “major fake” at NBC. In his post, the POTUS was wondering how the network would treat him. Apparently,  many felt that NBC treated Trump differently compared to the time Joe Biden appeared on its show.

“I wonder if they’ll treat me as well as Sleepy Joe? They should!” Trump also wrote on Twitter.

Guthrie slammed on Twitter

Meanwhile, prior to Gainor’s op-ed against Guthrie, several netizens already called her out on social media for being rude and disrespectful to the POTUS. The viewers notice how she kept on interrupting Trump during the event, and they didn’t like it.

However, some also praised and thanked her for asking Trump the tough questions that most couldn’t dare to bring up. Her “Today” co-anchor Hoda Kotb said she was proud of Guthrie.

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