Donald Trump plans new event after Joe Biden gets more town hall viewers

Donald Trump plans new event after Joe Biden gets more town hall viewers

Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s town halls were aired opposite each other and the latter had more viewers. Trump is reportedly planning a new event similar to the town hall.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden were supposed to face each other for their second presidential debate on Thursday. But Trump declined to join because the committee decided to make it virtual. So, the two answered the citizens’ questions in town hall.

Donald Trump lost to Biden in viewers

Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s town halls were aired at the same time. Biden’s town hall was hosted by ABC News while Trump’s was hosted by NBC.

An average of 14.1 million viewers watched Biden answered the questions from voters. Meanwhile, about 13.5 million watched Trump’s, The Washington Post reported.

Trump’s town hall garnered an average of 1.8 million viewers on MSNBC, 720,000 on CNBC and 10.9 million on NBC with a combined average of 13.5 million.

But Biden, whose town hall only aired on ABC, surpassed Trump’s figures. In fact, the Democratic presidential nominee’s town hall was the most-watched primetime program since the Oscars.

Trump’s town hall a debacle

Donald Trump’s town hall didn’t go well and was a debacle. Many slammed the POTUS for allegedly avoiding to answer some questions. One even claimed that Trump looked like he was “decomposing real-time.”

On the other hand, many felt that Savannah Guthrie was being rude and disrespectful to the president. They also slammed her because instead of being a moderator, she seemed to be debating against Trump.

“It wasn’t a town hall, it was a debate. Except instead of Trump debating Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, as originally planned, Trump had to debate Guthrie,” Fox’s News Dan Gainor wrote.

“And the winner of the debate, hands down, was Trump.”

Trump plans to have a new event

Since things didn’t go well, Trump continued with his efforts for his re-election and planned to have a town hall event hosted by The Sinclair Broadcast Group. It will air on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

Eric Bolling, host of the America This Week, will moderate the one-hour event. It will take place at the White House and just like the previous town hall, Trump will answer questions from the audience members.

“This election is one of the most important in modern history and voters are still looking for insight into the many issues that are impacting their daily lives,” Bolling said per The Hollywood Reporter.

“We aim to give Sinclair viewers the answers to their most burning questions and look forward to getting a detailed view on what the next four years would look like under President Trump.”


Image used courtesy of Sky News/YouTube Screenshot

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