Donald Trump RNC acceptance speech: Was COVID-19 downplayed?

President Donald Trump gave his acceptance speech on the last of the four-night RNC event wherein expectations about addressing COVID-19 might have fallen short.

POTUS Donald Trump pushed through with closing the last day of the Republican National Convention (RNC) withing the White House grounds. He even bragged about it by pointing at the White House at one point in his speech, saying, “We’re here and they’re not.”

During the whole duration of the event, where Trump’s vision to keep it mostly live was upheld, some parts of the United States suffered from sorts of tragedies. Hurricane Laura smashed its way in southwestern Louisiana and northward, the streets of Kenosha were engulfed in fire after the shooting of yet another black man by a police officer.

In addition, as pointed out by CNN, “[m]ore than 3,200 Americans” have died since the RNC started on Monday. Yet Trump triumphantly enumerated the great accomplishments his administration has done to fight this “invisible enemy.”

Downplayed the coronavirus pandemic

As The Guardian points out, Donald Trump has “repeatedly exaggerated and flat-out misrepresented his presidential record as he accepted the nomination.” Several news outlets have pointed out that Trump gave “misleading figures” while addressing the global pandemic.

Trump mentions:

“We are delivering lifesaving therapies, and will produce a vaccine before the end of the year, or maybe even sooner! “

To which he gave a dramatic pause, and the crowded audience stood up to applaud him. Trump has been critiqued for somehow pressuring the FDA to approve the EUA on convalescent plasma as treatment, which was signed recently.

Despite Trump’s positive regard to how he has handled the COVID-19 pandemic, he fails to mention that the U.S. has over 180,000 deaths—as of this writing—and has an average of 1,000 reported deaths a day.

ABC News quotes  an excerpt of Joe Biden’s Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield statement, saying:

“Instead of a strategy to overcome the pandemic, or any concern for the unbearable suffering in our country right now as a result of his ongoing failures, what we heard was a delusional vision completely divorced from the crushing reality that ordinary Americans face.”

Critics grew worrisome on how crowded the event was

The last day of the RNC had people seated on the South Lawn of the White House grounds, most of the attendees were not wearing masks and were not seated securely apart.

The United States is still one of the leading countries in terms of COVID-19 cases and deaths. Per WorldometerU.S. has a whopping 6,048,317 cases, as of this writing.

According to AljazeeraDonald Trump delivered a 70-minute speech in front of roughly 2,000 supporters. The event ended with a fireworks display at the sky view of the Washington monument.

Featured image courtesy of Frederic Legrand – COMEO/Shutterstock

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