Donald Trump says election is Trump Recovery vs Biden Depression

Donald Trump says election is Trump Recovery vs Biden Depression

Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden again by saying that the election is a choice between “Trump recovery” and “Biden Depression.”

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been attacking each other as the former compete for re-election and the latter to replace the incumbent president. In one tweet, Trump shaded Biden by saying that the country will be in depression under his leadership.

Donald Trump makes a new analogy between him and Biden

Donald Trump took to Twitter and tried to win the public’s support by saying that the upcoming election is a choice between recovery under his administration and depression under Joe Biden’s.

“This election is a choice between a TRUMP RECOVERY and a BIDEN DEPRESSION. If you vote for me, prosperity will surge, normal life will fully resume, and next year will be one of the greatest years in the history of our Country!” the POTUS tweeted.

Netizens react to Trump’s tweet

President Donald Trump’s tweet received mixed responses from Twitter users. Many agreed with him, but several also slammed him for his tweet.

Several fired back at Trump and claimed that the country is already in depression under his leadership. Another agreed that the U.S. is in depression as per definition under the current administration and it will result in recession.

“We are currently in the TRUMP DEPRESSION. Biden saved our economy once and he will do it again,” one commented.

However, many also defended Trump. One even responded to those who claimed that the country is in depression.

“First we arent in a depression and secondly our economy has been slowed because of a pandemic!! Not trump! Before the pandemic started our economy was booming like it hadn’t in years. So please don’t make false statements! Thanks,” @realsportsguy85 replied.

Netizens debate about the economy

Many also chose to support Donald Trump because, for them, he boosted the economy. One said Trump build more jobs and opportunities and help the economy recover since the great depression.

Meanwhile, many disagreed and stressed that it wasn’t Trump’s work that the economy remains strong despite the pandemic. One said he only inherited it from former President Barack Obama. However, another also insisted that Trump inherited a poor economy from Obama.

Another user said Trump did not build the economy, but Obama-Biden and the American people did. The same netizen also claimed that Trump ballooned the deficit and crashed the economy and millions are unemployed due to his negligence.


Image used courtesy of CBC News/YouTube Screenshot

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