Donald Trump slammed for not banning TiktTok called liar on Twitter

Donald Trump slammed for not banning TiktTok called liar on Twitter

Donald Trump said months ago that he would ban TikTok for good, but the POTUS approved a deal in a concept that might keep TikTok operational in the U.S.

Donald Trump can never do good, at least for some netizens. When the president announced to ban TikTok many slammed him because they want to keep using the app. When the POTUS announced that he gave his blessing to a deal in a concept that could keep TikTok in the country, some were still mad at him.

Donald Trump called liar

Donald Trump understands that many want to keep TikTok. So, he supports the deal between TikTok, and Oracle and Walmart. However, those who initially agreed with his plan to ban the social media app were not happy with his recent move.

@realDonaldTrump trump thought you were going the ban tiktok on the app stores the lies you make you said tiktok was going to be banned over 5 times and it yet it is not banned keep your mouth shut if your not going to man up and do,” one wrote.

“You said to ban tiktok, but you did not at final. Who will trust a lier? [sic],” another added.

Another user supports the ban of TikTok because the app exposes her cousins to bad things, and a lot of people on the app uses bad words and the songs are inappropriate. The user asked Trump to “please ban TikTok.”

TikTokers happy with the development

While others are sad that the TikTok might remain operational in the U.S., many are happy because they find it helpful. So, they are pleased with Donald Trump’s move.

Prior to the Oracle and TikTok’s deal, many begged the POTUS not to ban Tiktok. One said that it is an outlet for people to find inspiration. The user said TikTok helped her with her depression, and she will lose her s–t if the app is not useful in the country.

Another TikToker said the app helped a generation of depressed teens find a community where they belong. For her, TikTok is more than just dancing and funny videos. It has relatable memes and school help, which makes one feel more comfortable about themselves.

TikTok Update

TikTok ban was supposed to be effective on Sept. 20, but it was delayed due to a week giving TikTokers until Sept. 27 to enjoy the app. The delay was in “light of recent positive developments” which could be referring to Oracle and TikTok’s deal that Donald Trump mentioned, BBC News reported.


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