Donald Trump town hall a debacle, POTUS ‘decomposing in real time’

Donald Trump town hall a debacle, POTUS 'decomposing in real time'

Donald Trump faced Savannah Guthrie for his town hall that aired on NBC on Thursday night and Twitter users had mixed opinions about the whole show.

Donald Trump graced NBC for his town hall which was aired opposite Joe Biden’s on ABC. Savannah Guthrie hosted the show and many criticized the POTUS and the host after the show.

Donald Trump town hall didn’t turn out well

Many mocked Donald Trump, after watching his town hall on NBC. In fact, for them, it was a debacle with one saying the POTUS was “decomposing in real-time.”

“I know I was supposed to boycott @MSNBC Trump town hall, but I couldn’t help myself, and it’s awesome. Trump is decomposing in real time, and I’m on my 2nd edible,” Chelsea Handler tweeted.

Jon Favreau also said Trump’s town hall was a “disaster for him.” He pointed out how the president refused to denounce QAnon and claimed that Trump was having a meltdown.

Meanwhile, Steve Schmidt said Trump sounds crazy and appears hyper as his blizzard of lies and delusions come to end. He believed that Trump will not be re-election because the American people will fire him.

Savannah Guthrie slammed for being rude

Donald Trump wasn’t the only one who faced an intense backlash after the town hall. Many also came after Savannah Guthrie because some of the audience found her rude and disrespectful with the way he questioned the POTUS.

According to one Twitter user, Trump was only defending himself from a “hostile host” because he was being attacked.

“@SavannahGuthrie is nasty and rude to President Trump and it is NOT a good look for her,” one commented.

“Savannah Guthrie is rude. Interrupting the POTUS and raging. She is so disgusting what a joke she is making of herself,” Katie B. DeLaigle added.

Another user said she was not impressed with the way Guthrie handled the town hall. The same netizen said she was disgraceful and rude while asking, “What happened to respect for the office of the Presidency?”

Richard Grenell also noted how she kept on interrupting Trump with her left-wing assumptions. He added that the town hall was handled differently compared to Biden’s interview with NBC.

Neal Katyal, Supreme Court lawyer, wasn’t pleased with the town hall. For him, it proved to be a long commercial for Biden and not Trump.

Meanwhile, another netizen asked why Guthrie seemed to be debating Trump when she was only supposed to moderate the questions.

Despite the backlash, some still showed their support to Guthrie for being tough in handling Trump.

“Just calling him out in his bulls–t. Fair play,” one said in Guthrie’s defense.


Image used courtesy of CNBC/YouTube Screenshot

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