Donald Trump trailing national polls but could still bag a win

Donald Trump trailing national polls but could still bag a win

President Donald Trump is reportedly trailing behind the national polls for the U.S. elections this November. Although a win can still likely happen.

The same pattern is being read into by political analysts. In 2016, when Donald Trump ran against Hillary Clinton, he also trailed on most national polls. However, in the end, the Democrats’ candidate lost in the electoral college, per The Guardian

Current Democrat Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is also leading the national polls. Despite this celebratory milestone, it doesn’t actually guarantee a win just yet.

The national polls

CNN notes that Biden is leading over Donald Trump by 57% to 41% in the recent ABC News/Washington Post poll from Minnesota.

Biden is leading other polls in Minnesota. In fact, over the last weeks, the former VP has been up by nine points in  CBS News/YouGov and New York Times/Siena College.

The news publication further notes that the Trump campaign is actually investing more in Minnesota after Trump lost in that state back in 2016.

In The Guardian‘s September 17 poll report, Joe Biden is up 49.6%, while Donald Trump is trailing at 42.1%. Although Trump leads the Ohio polls, but only has a 0.5% gap against his rival.

Based on the data presented by the said media outlet, Trump’s biggest lead against Biden is in Iowa, with a 2% gap difference. Meanwhile, the current POTUS is trailing far behind in Michigan.

This a trend observed since June now. Michigan also inclined to supporting Hillary Clinton during the 2016 elections. As noted by the New York Magthe good news about this is that Trump used to trail behind in double digits. Now, he is only behind eight points, as of September 18.

Joe Biden is also leading in all 12 swing states by “6 points (51% to 45%),” per ForbesSuch states are as follows:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin

Biden could “blow Trump” out

Although Donald Trump can likely get his re-election, CNN notes that Joe Biden could also “blow” his Republican rival out.

Washington Post highlights an oft-overlooked possibility” that there could be “an outright landslide for Democratic challenger Joe Biden.”

“The chance of a massive sweep by the former vice president is a reminder that for all the Democrats present this election as a choice between more Trump and a return to normalcy, there’s another possibility on offer,” says the publication.

Trump has been many controversial issues in the past months alone, with current Woodward book being the recent. One of the biggest criticism the POTUS got is how he has mishandled the coronavirus pandemic.

He has continuously downplayed the virus, even after knowing about its severity before the first recorded death. This information came into light when media outlets aired Woodward’s interview on the internet.


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