Donald Trump tweets ‘Mike Pence won big’ but polls say otherwise

Donald Trump tweets 'Mike Pence won big' but polls say otherwise

The Vice Presidential Debate 2020 just concluded and POTUS Donald Trump believes that his VP ticket won the face-off.

For President Donald Trump, Mike Pence won on Wednesday night against Democrat candidate, Kamala Harris. In a tweet, he said, “Mike Pence WON BIG!”

Unlike the Presidential Debate, there was no chaos, although arguments did get pretty heated at some point. Crucial national issues were discussed clearly, citing great points from each party.

Who was the people’s winner?

In political debates, there is no actual winner announced. Instead, numerous independent polls are conducted afterward to see which candidate was best at addressing the issues.

Readers should note that the poll results are mere “perfect indicators,” as reported by Vox. The surveys are taken from people who watched the debate, and not the broad electorate.

For CNN‘s instant poll, 59% of the registered voters who watched the VP face-off says Harris won. Meanwhile, only 38% preferred Vice President Mike Pence’s answers.

A more in-depth poll report shows that before the VP debate, Kamala Harris had a favorable rate of 56%, while Pence had 41%. Pos-debate, however, the Democrat candidate’s rate increased to 63%.

For VP Pence, his favorable rating remained at 41%, post-debate.

Meanwhile, in Newsweeks own poll, Harris was sought to be “more truthful” than the Republican candidate. Accordingly, 60% of the publication’s readers backed Harris, while only 31% for Pence.

Diving into crucial issues

Susan Page, the moderator, was able to tackle issues relevant to the U.S. today. A few of which were about supporting the plans of their Presidential teammate.

In most part, Harris was able to defend when pressed on by Pence about Biden’s Tax plans. On the other hand, the current U.S. VP defended Donald Trump and his aim to release a COVID-19 vaccine. He also attempted to slam down on Harris’ points about the President’s tax issues.

However, per CNN‘s poll on who [“d]id the better job defending their running mate?”, 64% said Harris did it better, while only 34% sided with Pence. Two percent, however, said they defended their running mate equally.

Also, there were questions about POTUS Donald Trump were evaded by Pence to answer directly. A few were the president’s current condition after acquiring COVID-19 and on the peaceful transfer of power, per The New York Times

Moreover, looking at the post-debate chatter, the hashtag #PenceKnew trends on Twitter. Mostly, the Twitterverse expressed their dissent against the VP, who is supposedly the head of the coronavirus task force.

Twitter users expressed how Pence knew about the severity of the COVID-19 earlier this year, which may have been detrimental to the current state of the country.


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