Donald Trump’s neighbors allegedly wanted him evicted from Florida home: Report

Donald Trump's neighbors allegedly wanted him evicted from Florida home: Report

Donald Trump is staying in his home in Florida after departing from the White House, but his neighbors don’t want him living next door to them, according to a report.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump flew to Florida after leaving the White House. However, his neighbors at the Palm Beach were allegedly not happy with the former president’s plan to reside in the property for good.

Donald Trump allegedly violate an agreement

Former US President Donald Trump has moved into Mar-a-Lago, but his neighbors allegedly do not want him living there. In fact, they filed a legal review that could see him evicted from his Florida home,

Trump purchased the property in 1985 as his permanent residence. But he allegedly violated an agreement when he converted Mar-a-Lago into a private members club in 1993. At the time, he said he would limit his stay at the estate, so his plans to live there for good is a breach of the original terms.

The lawyer for the Mar-a-Lago residents claimed in a demand letter obtained by The Washington Post to notify Trump that he could not use the property as his residence. The notification would “avoid an embarrassing situation” if he would move to the club.

Trump’s neighbors’ concerns

Donald Trump’s neighbors in Mar-a-Lago reported several concerns, including disruptions like traffic and blocked streets during his frequent trips to the club. They also alleged that Trump created an ill will in town before he became a president by not complying with the basic local requirements like adhering to height limits for a massive flagpole installed in his property.

He also allegedly attempted to get out of the premises frequently after converting it into a private club.

“There’s absolutely no legal theory under which he can use that property as both a residence and a club,” Glenn Zeitz, one of Trump’s neighbors who supported the fight against Trump, said. “Basically he’s playing a dead hand. He’s not going to intimidate or bluff people, because we’re going to be there.”

Chances of Trump being evicted

It would not be easy to evict Donald Trump from his home in Florida.

First, Palm Beach has made no public attempt to prevent Trump from residing at Mar-a-Lago or from using it as his legal residence, The Washington Post reported. 

Second, Trump’s business organization spokesperson, who wished to remain anonymous, also confirmed that there is no document prohibiting the ex-POTUS from living there.


Image used courtesy of Sky News/YouTube Screenshot

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