‘Donkey Kong Country’ coming to Nintendo Switch Online on July 15

'Donkey Kong Country' coming to Nintendo Switch Online on July 15

Rare’s Donkey Kong Country is one of the retro games coming to Nintendo Switch Online next week, July 15.

The 1994 slide-scrolling platform classic, Donkey Kong Country, is set to be part of the Switch Online subscription alongside other 90s Nintendo classics—Natsume Championship Wrestling and The Immortal.

The Donkey Kong Country game

The Rare’s 1994 classic was originally published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

It is a side-scrolling platform starring DK and Diddy. Players will have to swing their way—aside from running and jumping—through all 39 levels of the game.

To counter the enemies DK and Diddy can roll through them, pounce, and throw barrels at them. In the original game, players can also swim, as the Donkey Kong island is surrounded by water.

In addition, DK and Diddy are able to call on their animal buddies to help them succeed on their journey. They are:

  • Enguarde the Swordfish
  • Winky the Frog
  • Rambi the Rino
  • Expresso the Ostrich
  • Squawks the Parrot

Winky gives the characters the ability to jump very high. Meanwhile, Enguarde is equipped with a burst of speed, while his sword-nose can stab enemies. Similar to Enguarde, Rambi is made of speed as well. What makes him special is that he ransacks everything in his path, which makes him the best option to use when wrecking down secret doors.

The two characters have their own individual strengths, which gives players two options on how to maneuver the game.  DK is more capable of pouncing away large enemies, while Diddy can only bounce off them. But, Didy can jump higher than DK, which makes up for his non-Hulk like abilities.

Let’s not forget about the bananas, the golden fruit of Donkey Kong Country—the Bananas. Collecting a vast quantity of bananas will earn players extra lives, as well as collecting balloons, and the letters K-O-N-G.

Nintendo fans can note that this SNES epic side-sliding platformer gave birth to the now-hit Switch title Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. 

Other two retro games coming Switch Online

Meanwhile, Natsume Championship Wrestling is a 1994 Japanese wrestling game—also a SNES title. This game is based on the conversion of the Japanese video game, Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling Dash: Sekai Saikyō Tag.  It has 12 fighters and 50 moves, that’ll be very fun on Switch.

On the other hand, The Immortal is an action game that sports a Diablo-like gameplay. It was a “1990 NES conversion of a fantasy action RPG,” originally for Apple IIGS but it expanded to the Nintendo platform as well.

The revival of the Donkey Kong Country reportedly sparked rumors that a sequel might be penned in for developments. While this news is still a rumor, Switch Online subscribers should catch up on a bit of a nostalgia train with DKC and the other two retro games starting July 15.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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