Dontnod Entertainment partakes in Pride Month with a ‘Tell Me Why’ giveaway

Tell Me Why Official Chapter One Launch Trailer snapshot

Signaling its solidarity with the queer community, Dontnod Entertainment is giving away Tell Me Why for the Pride Month.

Throughout the month of June, the narrative-driven game will be available to download on multiple platforms for free. Specifically, on Steam, Microsoft, and the Xbox Store. Those who will take advantage of the giveaway will get to keep the game forever.

Perfect Giveaway

The studio choosing to give out Tell Me Why is more fitting than random, however. For a game that revolves around a twin, one of which is a trans, the game has a LGBTQIA2+ representation in it. Which is something that is not usually done in games, especially one that defies common rules. Such as the visual representation of individuals of similar gender kissing.

But the game is more than just interesting for its portrayal of non-traditional view of sexual orientation. In general, its hook comes from its seamless depiction of good storytelling as well as the supernatural. The latter particularly highlights the two protagonists’ ability to telepathically communicate as well as share memories through visions. It is an unusual concept that has players captivated into the tale chapter per chapter.

Unsurprisingly enough, part of Tell Me Why’s success draws from the very same community it partly speaks for. So much so that Dontnod Entertainment put a statement, looking in retrospect, at how the game has established itself. Subsequently thanking those who played crucial role in its success—gamers in general, including especially the members of the gay community.

Constant Struggle

With the queer members of society’s struggle for equality remains ongoing, the game appears to get on the good side of the community. This is reflected through heartfelt message to the developers who learned how the game’s trans character made those people less alone in their plight. A situation that’s aggravated by the pandemic in addition to the never-ending anti-gay rhetoric in both the USA and UK.

Dontnod Entertainment has no second-guessing over the free giveaway. But the studio does implore players to put their money into charities if they can. Particularly, towards those whose core initiatives are targeted towards helping those in the trans and queer community.

True enough, there are already plenty of established entities whose sole purpose is to make the world an easier place for the marginalized people. Such as, for example, Gearbox whose fight against anti-trans legislation at Texas remains ongoing.

Image used courtesy of DONTNOD/YouTube Screenshot

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