‘DOOM 2’ mod transforms into an unrecognizable survival horror game

Modder Wadaholic has spent about 17 years transforming Doom 2 into a survival horror game named Total Chaos.

Legendary FPS game Doom has always been the epitome of action and a tinge of horror.

But a new mod added right to the game flips the switch by transforming Doom 2 into a complete survival horror game that renders the previous game unrecognizable.

Wadaholic has worked a lot on the mod

Wadaholic has worked a lot in transforming the old game into a slightly different mod. The classic game is now changed to Total Chaos, which is an almost distinct game that paints over the original one over the original Doom assets.

The new mod has been painted in such a way that it matches the game style of Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

The original DOOM 2, the titular title’s follow-up, was not quite up to the mark to that of its predecessor. It was billed in such a way that there were more chances of developers and options for developing the game with powerful hardware.

The only thing that made the game stand out was the source code that was eventually publicly released. This resulted in, if not thousands, then hundreds of versions of the game being modified and added by amateur developers.

Wadaholic is a long-time Doom fan, and he is the mastermind behind the modded version of the second installment, Total Chaos. He has even cut his teeth as a modder while developing this version of Doom at an early age of 8.

He took the challenge at first

Wadaholic first took the challenge of transforming the game into a completely new horror game styled-theme.

Total Chaos’s overall result is completely different from the original version of the game as it shows Doomguy battling hellish demons on Earth.

It even follows unknown and unnamed characters roaming down the streets and mining town of Fort Oasis. Some zombies lurk in the dark, and the street lights flicker ominously to showcase the eerie sensation that this game passes.

Players who want to check out this game don’t have to play Doom 2 since it is a completely new experience. The game is now standalone, and you can easily download it and be ready to play once it gets extracted.

With the advanced techniques and new mechanisms being added every day, the ability to add moderation with the use of source code should not take more than 17 years.


Image courtesy of FrozenParticle/YouTube Screenshot

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