‘Doom Eternal’ Update 1 will add player-killing super demons


Doom Eternal is adding a brutal highlight where demons that kill players go to others. id Software features an update called “Empowered Demons.”

With this, dying in Doom Eternal means players condemn someone else to deal with powered demons. Whichever denizen of hell kills, a player will get stronger and go to another player. Other demons that kill others will also come to another game.

This feature aims to add some strategic thinking when dealing with hell spawns. It can disrupt the flow of a game and cut off a smooth run. It can also push players to learn the mechanics of the game further.

New Doom update sends empowered demon to other players

The combat arena in the newest Doom can become stale once players understand the mechanics. Super demons can push someone who is breezing through their campaign, adding a bit of extra difficulty.

The newest brutalization of Doom players does have its upside. Unlike Dark Souls that simply “hates” its players, Doom 2020 gives benefits if players can defeat the super demon.

These monstrosities drop a “metric tonnage” of health and ammo.

Killing one empowered demon can fill supplies by itself, together with hefty XP bonuses. This process helps players move on through their in-game events. These are reminiscent of the Battle Pass that lets players earn stuff via XP but for free.

The only downside of this is the potential for casual players to give others a hard time. This feature comes through the existence of the Marauder. The Marauder is such a hateful existence so powerful, people don’t want to replay Doom Eternal.

There’s also the Khan Makyr, who is the final boss of the game. The game is so hard that people can expect to die more than Doom 2016. More deaths mean more empowered demons.

Doom 2020’s first update gives more than brutal enemies

Update 1 will give more than the empowered demon. Bethesda’s first update will also add BATTLEMODE enhancements. These enhancements should include better anti-cheat features and death reports mid-game.


There is also other quality of life improvements for the entire single-player experience. Much like any game, enemy and weapon rebalance are a priority. Players also get better tutorials, so they learn how to slay hard-to-kill demons faster.

BATTLEMODE will also receive a friend list, built up through the Bethesda.net account. This feature works much like how the Steam friends list works. Players can expect Doom Eternal’s first update this May.

Images courtesy of Bethesda Softworks/Official Website

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