Dot Matrix Series sees second installment with ‘POWA!’

POWA! Collector's Edition

The year 2017 saw the Dot Matrix Series’ entry in the game scene when it released Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe, which is a platformer game designed for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. Following the success of its predecessor, another platform in the same vein as the aforementioned is being developed whose very being is catered for the “nostalgic” retro gamers at heart—a game called POWA!

Like its older sibling, First Press Games is the publisher of this Dot Matrix Series’ second title.

A Nostalgic Itch

Under development by a small team led by Aiguanachein, POWA! draws inspiration from the popular platformer, Kirby—made almost similar to both the two games’ rounded and cutesy protagonists.

While simplistic in approach as a 2D platformer, the game poses difficulty in its mastery. Particularly at first where players are faced with uncertain challenges that pose as major obstacles in the game. The level of difficulty of which ever-increasing to keep players on edge and more enticed to become better in-game.

To be made available as a physical copy, POWA! features backwards compatibility. This means that whether it’s the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Game Boy Advance, the game will work on whichever platform. The only difference boiling to whether the user prefers playing the game in more or less color.

Major Highlights

For a more unique experience, the player can also opt to play the game on the SNES or Super Famicom. Doing so gives the player a Super Game Boy feature not seen in any other platform.

The game features 5 levels overall, each of which having a boss that is uniquely challenging. Other elements that make for an appealing facet of the game include its whopping soundtrack, cute presentation, and high-replay value. The latter of which draws from the game’s varying difficulty and time score mode.

While the game alone is great, the Limited Edition also comes bundled with some merch that makes for a worthwhile part of the purchase. They include the game’s soundtrack on mini-CD, a poster, a sticker set, and a packaging with an alternative art for cover.

Limited Stocks Only

Limited only in stocks for the Western market, the game is already up for preorder as early as now. The European and North American regions of which are constrained to only 375 units combined.

Coming in three classifications, buyers can choose between a regular €49.99 ($59.67), limited edition €64.99 ($77.58), and collector’s edition €129.99 ($155.16). Eager consumers can preorder through here.

Production starts in the third quarter of 2020.

Image used courtesy of First Press Games

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