DOT Mog lets players collect, breed, and trade Mogwais and unique equipment as NFTs


The development of blockchain, the technology behind popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, has also opened up a whole world of possibilities to enhance the gaming experiences of players.

One of the most exciting games about to hit the market is DOT Mog that allows players to explore the futuristic universe of the cute but brave Mogwais, which can be trained, bred, and even traded with other players as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Meet the Mogwais

The game revolves around Mogwais, which are known as demonic creatures in Chinese mythology. However, in the DOT Mog version of Mogwais, they are not necessarily evil beings. They can even be trained until they eventually act as buddies to the players.

It all starts with a Mogwai Egg, which the player has to nurture until it hatches. With the care given by the player, the Mogwai will slowly evolve and overcome its evil nature and even view its owner as its buddy and partner as they explore the universe.

One of the game’s challenges is how to unravel the Mogwais language. They express themselves using an indicator device which can be incomprehensible at first. With time, however, players can learn what the symbols mean and they can start to communicate with their buddies.

Evolve and Explore

The game allows players to train and evolve their Mogwais to become stronger. They can engage in duels with other Mogwais to fight for honor and glory.

It’s up to the player how to make his Mogwai stronger. The creature can be equipped with the latest weapons and cyborg equipment to augment their attributes. Players can also breed his Mogwais to create the ultimate version and evolve it to the ranks of sages. Breed in the game follows highly sophisticated Paring DNA Algorithms.

The DOT Mog also offers something fun for adventurous players. They can travel the universe using interstellar spaceships to explore mythical places.

Trading NFTs

The game also allows players to trade virtual goods, any equipment they’ve collected while playing, and even their own Mogwais. These items are actually NFTs so trading is very secure for players.

The DOT Mog game is currently pre-alpha stage. Stay tuned for the latest developments by visiting its official website.

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