‘Dota 2’ Patch 7.26c reworks a lot of hero talents and nerfs

Valve is once again making drastic changes to Dota 2 with the recent release of patch 7.26c. Most important of which are hero talents.

While Dota 2 patch 7.26b brought a lot of item changes, the latest patch brings a lot of changes to hero talents. Some of these changes can render a hero completely useless.

The patch only has two changes for items. As stated, the previous patch made changes on a lot of items. Patch 7.26c focuses mainly on heroes.

Item changes

The only item changes are for Royal Jelly and Illusionist’s Cape. There are no furor over the changes as they are relatively minor.

The Royal Jelly buff is now applicable to illusions. The item also now has a global cast range. As for the Illusionist’s Cape, the illusions will die if the item is unequipped.

Hero talents and other changes

The biggest change that has cause quite an uproar is for Clinkz. Dota 2 patch 7.26c is brings what could be the biggest nerf in Clinkz history. The hero’s Sear Arrows have its damage redued to 25/35/45/55.

As for its talent, Clinkz level 10 talent will now give +9 strength and +7 agility. The level 15 talent increases Burning Army cooldown to -30 seconds. Lastly, the level 20 talent increases Death Pact Health to +325.

The new Dota 2 patch brings a fix to the reported Helm of Dominator bug when using Omnislash. As for Juggernaut, the hero now stops for 0.15 seconds before ending its Omnislash skill if it does not find any target.

As for its talents, the masked swordsman’s level 15 talent increases Blade Fury Movement Speed to +80. The hero’s level 25 talent increases Omnislash duration to +1 seconds.

As for Mars, the hero’s Spear of Mars skill will now have increased mana cost of 110/120/130/140. The hero’s Bulwark skill button will now turn off every time the hero casts Spear of Mars.

As for its talent, level 10 talent changes from +6 strength to +15 damage. The same talent also changes +15 movement speed to -2 seconds Spear of Mars Cooldown. The hero’s level 15 talent changes from +20 damage to +20 movement speed.

Other heroes like Outworld Devourer, Pangolier, Slark, and Terrorblade also receive changes with the latest Dota 2 patch. However, they are mostly minor compared to the three mentioned above.

Image courtesy of Dota 2 The International/Wikimedia Commons

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