‘DOTA 2’ tips and tricks: Best support heroes currently in the game

'DOTA 2' tips and tricks: Best support heroes currently in the game

The key to winning a lot in DOTA 2 is a great strategy and an even better team composition. Out of all the roles in the popular MOBA, it’s the support role that has fewer kills, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

In DOTA 2 and in any other MOBAs, the support role is focused on helping the team with debuffs to the enemies and even crowd control at the backend of fights. There are several support heroes in the game currently, but in the game’s present build, there are a few standouts in this role.

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is considered as the godmother of the support role, and she has always been the top pick ever since. Aside from dealing massive amounts of damage with her ultimate, Crystal Maiden’s ability to harass enemies with her Frostbite helps her allies in the lane get more creep kills early in the game.

Her ultimate can kill enemies in an area during crucial clashes. Since her ultimate can deal heavy damage, enemy heroes often run away from it, thus making it a good crowd controller as well.


This high-damaging mage is one of the best supports in the game simply because he has two disabled skills – Earth Spike and Hex. With this ability, Lion can stop the enemy or enemies on their tracks. Since he has the mana drain ability, Lion can consistently use these skills to harass enemies, thus allowing his allies to farm creeps more efficiently.

Lion also has one of the highest burst damage skills in DOTA 2. His Finger of Death can deal up to a whopping 1185 pure damage to enemies.


Jakiro can deal massive AoE damage with his Macropyre, but since this skill can be easily dodged, most pros use Jakiro as a support role instead. He specializes in crown controlling thanks to his abilities that disable and damage enemies in an area.

If players master the use of Ice Path, they can effectively disrupt enemy charges and skills easily. Jakiro’s Dual Breath can also deal significant damage and cause slow making it perfect for harassing.

These support heroes in DOTA 2 are going to work best with a team that’s able to utilize the crowd control they bring to the table. Of course, players who are truly good can use these heroes to do more than just support others on the team.


Images used courtesy of DJANDYW.COM AKA NOBODY/Flickr

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