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‘DOTA 2’ update 7.27 brings in key item changes


Players might’ve already downloaded the latest DOTA 2 update and are curious as to what this recent patch brings.  The update doesn’t do too much to our heroes, but the items are in for major changes once players install the latest patch.

The latest DOTA 2 update brings an assortment of item changes that are going to be significant to matches. Players should know what these changes are, as it could be the defining factor between losing and winning. Here are the key changes in the latest patch.

Blitz Knuckles

A new item is now available in the game, and it’s called the Blitz Knuckles. This grants +35 attack speed and costs 1,000 gold. Players will also use this item to build the Monkey King Bar as it serves as a replacement for the Quarterstaff. It’s a good early game item to have as it adds quite the attack speed bonus.

Voodoo Mask

Another new item in the game is the Voodoo Mask. This costs 900 gold, and it grants 12% spell lifestyle making it a must for skill-heavy mage type heroes. The main purpose of Voodoo Mask, though, is to build the Octarine Core.

Necronomicon nerf

The Necronomicon has been a part of the meta for a long time due to the familiars that players are able to spawn with it plus the buffs the item brings. Now it’s getting a significant nerf with the recent DOTA 2 update. The mana regen and attack damage of the item has been seriously nerfed. Moreover, the useful Archer Aura has been removed as well.

Other important changes

The update also reduces the cost of Smoke of Deceit from 80 gold to just 50 gold, making it a great early item for support characters.  The Tome of Knowledge is also getting a significant price cut from 150 gold to 75 gold. Lastly, the cool down for buying Sentry Wards has been reduced from 90 seconds to 85 seconds.

The Pirate Hat is also getting a significant buff. Instead of getting gold upon a kill, players can now use the Pirate Hat to dig up a bounty rune every 40 seconds.

The recent DOTA 2 update shakes up the meta significantly, and players should take note of the changes that are in the recent update. For a full list of patch notes, check out the official post from the developers. Players may want to browse through this before they get on their next ranked match.

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