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‘Dota Dragon’s Blood’ Season 2: What are the chances of its return?


Netflix has yet to greenlit Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 2, but there are high expectations for its release.

With the success of the first season, fans are looking forward to seeing Dark Moon Order of Nightsilver Woods and the elves of Coedwig on the small screen. If this happens, can the elves make peace with the warriors in Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 2?

Chances for the renewal

According to TV Season Spoilers, there is a strong chance that Netflix will continue the series after it named the first season “Book 1.”

This may mean a Book 2 coming, and it may be Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 2.

The streaming giant also earlier teased that more episodes would come for the series, and it was all under production.

Animator editor Robert Burnet also told Yahoo! News he worked on a total of 24 episodes for the series.

So far, only eight of these 24 episodes were revealed.

By the looks of it, there would be more installments coming, and Netflix is just yet to announce it.

Second season’s possible plot

The hit anime series ended with a major cliffhanger, leaving the door open for Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 2.

The season finale featured two different storylines. The first one was when Luna asked Princess Mirana to return to the Nightsilver Woods with the Dark Moon.

The second one was when Selene learned the just demon made a deal with her lover, Invoker. The latter promised to give her Selemene’s soul, and in return, he would get seven souls.

“Do you love me?” Invoker asked Selemene, which seemed to be a tricky question for fans.

So, if the second season would push through, it would reveal the reason behind this conflict, as well as Terrorblade’s fate.

Also, would the elves finally reach their goal?

Possible release, other details, and more

Though Netflix is yet to officially announce the second season’s coming, Screenrant noted it might drop in 2022. That is if it will be based on its anime show’s history release.

However, it is also possible that it will be out later this year, especially if it is really now in the works.

It is most likely, though, that it will drop in March 2022, a year after the first season was released.

Fans may once again see its original cast members return to lend their voices to the much-loved and hated characters.

Although several characters have been killed off, there may be new ones coming in Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 2, especially that a bigger war will ensue.

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