Download Tiktok videos without watermarks

TikTok became one of the most used social media apps in this trying time. Reports say that there are 1.5 million Tiktok downloads from the App Store and Google Play.

The number of TikTok users in 2020 grew wide. It results in a lot of people wanting downloaded videos from TikTok. Users also wish to download videos without watermarks. But, downloading videos without watermarks may cause you too much time.

TikTok’s Popularity

As of today, there are over 500 million TikTok users around the world. The ability one showing off in a 60-second video hooked a lot of people. TikTok allows users to apply filters and music. It also lets users enjoy lip-syncing and advanced tools in their videos. 

Many people are looking for ways to download videos from TikTok without watermarks. TikTok now allows downloading videos. The downloaded videos come with watermarks that appear in the top and bottom parts of the screen.

Downloading TikTok Videos 

People find a bunch of exciting videos on TikTok. They download the usual funny and iconic videos from the app. Users can either save the video on their phones or like it. Liked videos appear in the user’s profile.

Here are a few steps to download TikTok videos:

  1. Use the TikTok Application
  2. Choose the video that you like
  3. Click the share button at the lower part of the screen
  4. Press save video
  5. The video goes to your phone in a short while

TikTok applies watermarks on their videos when downloads take place.

TikTok Videos without watermarks

There are still a lot of people that do not wish watermarks in their video. Some users find it distracting because it covers a decent part of the video. 

Many websites offer the ability to remove watermarks on videos. You must still credit the creator of the music and soundtrack you used. Here are the steps to remove watermarks from your TikTok video.

Watermark Removal is one of the most suggested apps for Android users. The application requires Android 4.0 and above from devices.

  1. Open Google Store and install the application.
  2. Go to TikTok, download, and copy the link of the video.
  3. Paste the link on Watermark Removal and tap the Download Video option
  4. The video downloads in your phone without the watermark

Video Eraser is an application compatible only to IOS devices. The app allows users to remove logos and watermarks. It is convenient but supports only limited video formats for now.

  1. Go to the App Store and download Video Eraser.
  2. Open the application after downloading it. Click the “More” button, then “Crop video to remove the watermark.” Choose your video after selecting these buttons.
  3. Assign your desired aspect ratio and hit the watermark in the video.4
  4. Tap the export button that will erase the watermark in your video.

These are steps on how to download your videos with or without watermarks. You must choose the one that suits you best for your convenience.


Images courtesy of Karampelas/Unsplash, Antonbe/Pixabay

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