Dr Disrespect blasts stream snipers that ruined ‘Warzone’ charity event

Dr Disrespect blasts stream snipers that ruined 'Warzone' charity event

Stream snipers had targeted Dr Disrespect during the Davis “Hitch” Edwards’ US$10,000 “Cracked Creators” Warzone charity event effectively ruining his run.

Dr Disrespect didn’t hold back on his words as he blasted at stream snipers on Twitter. This was after they ruined his performance during a Warzone charity event.

Stream sniping Dr Disrespect on the Warzone charity event

The “Cracked Creators” was a charity event held on the popular battle royale game. The event saw several big-name gamers and content creators battle it out in Verdansk for a good cause.

But the supposedly fun-filled charity event quickly turned into a snipe fest for for stream snipers. And their targets are none other than the prominent gamers involved in the event, Dr Disrespect and his partner ZLaner, most of all.

Even during the first round, the doc and ZLaner had a difficult time. When both were killed out of nowhere, he described the act as “phony desperation.” He also declared that he will not get involved in another Warzone tournament again without a delay in their streams.

The following rounds weren’t any better for the two. This is because their opponents could easily track them down and take them out.

In the end, Dr Disrespect had no choice but to give up. “Well, that’s it for me and my stream… I’m literally losing brain cells,” the popular streamer tells his viewers.

Blasting on stream snipers

The stream snipers definitely took the fun out of the game for a lot of people, especially Dr Disrespect. The 38-year-old didn’t hold back in blasting stream snipers on Twitter, using insult after insult.

And it’s not just the doc, whose real name is Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, who felt disheartened by the stream snipers. CourageJD, who was in the same event, also became a target.

The 100Thieves talent also took to Twitter to declare his official retirement from Warzone tournaments.

The problem with stream sniping

Stream sniping is all too common in the world of gaming. This is especially true for games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and PUBG among others. For the uninitiated, stream sniping is when players take out another player by watching their live streams. This method, while effective, is also cheating.

Unfortunately, it’s not really something that games can prevent. While it is also common for streamers to brush them off during normal games, the incident with Dr Disrespect is a bit disappointing seeing that they were actually there for charity.

Hopefully, streamers like Dr Disrespect will learn from this and enable a delay in their streams to prevent something like this from happening to them again.


Featured image courtesy of  DrDisrespect/YouTube Screenshot


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