Dr Disrespect is not likely moving to YouTube

Dr Disrespect is not likely moving to YouTube

Last June 26, Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect was permabanned by the platform. Several days after, the gamer is still quiet on his next steps.

There were several reports that Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is moving to YouTube Gaming. However, the possibility is out of reality as of the moment.

The rumors started when Dr Disrespect changed his Twitter bio. He added his YouTube link to the featured spot. Fans and the community quickly speculated that it is a hint on where he is going next.

Dr Disrespect is mum on the Twitch incident

Dr Disrespect “definitely” won’t be joining YouTube

Popular gaming insider, Rod “Slasher” Breslau shed light on the situation. According to Slasher, Dr Disrespect is definitely not signing an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming.

His statement came during a Twitch co-stream with Hasan Piker.

“No one is talking to Dr Disrespect. YouTube is not talking to Dr Disrespect, that discussion, I can confirm that has not happened,” said Breslau.

According to the insider, YouTube is already in a pretty good position. This in relation to who that platform has signed so far.

His statement comes after the fact that Tyler “Ninja” Bevins did a surprise stream on YouTube Gaming.

Twitch ban is still unclear

Slasher mentioned that permaban on Dr Disrespect is “not platform move.” There were rumors back then that the doctor is planning on switch platforms. However, these speculations were unconfirmed.

The insider added that the Twitch ban is due to a criminal offense that Beahmn has done. There are no reports on whether a case was filed to the Twitch streamer.

According to Dr Disrespect, Twitch has not clarified the reason for his ban.

On the other hand, Twitch streamer Timothy “TimTheTatman” Bethar also shared his thoughts on what happened during NICKMERCS’ stream in relation to Dr Disrespect.

According to Bethar, he has not heard anything from Beahm since his banishment from the platform. He also added that a US$50 donation from someone who claims to be the doctor is not reliable.

The donation mentioned that Dr Disrespect is allegedly a “scapegoat” for Twitch. Bethar quickly denounced the idea.

“It kind of scares me that some of you are so stupid that you think Doc donated that to Nick. That’s scary to me, because I’m really dumb, right? But I’m not that stupid!” TimTheTatman said in a stream.

Bethar added, “that scares me, because it’s like… it’s alarming. Just so you understand, you can donate to Nick under any name. I could donate (and pretend to be) the Doc! I could go on and pretend to be Symfuhny and say whatever I want! So stupid.”

Dr Disrespect’s career still hanging on the line

Beahm has been mum since the Twitch ban and the community is still speculating for his next move.

There are speculations that he will move to Facebook Gaming. The rumors came from a supposedly leaked contract between the two parties. However, it was quickly revealed to be fake.

Meanwhile, Spotify is rumored to create its own streaming platform. The doctor’s participation in its launch is unconfirmed.

But, a clip surfaced recently showing Beahm meeting up with Joe Rogan’s producer. This was after Rogan’s announcement that he will be partnering with Spotify.

With that being said, fans are left waiting for the return of Dr Disrespect. There are other factors that are surrounding this incident. However, those factors remain unknown.

Who knows, Dr Disrespect might go online today or the next day?

Images (1) (2) courtesy of DrDisrespect/Facebook

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