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Dr Disrespect returns to streaming on YouTube, Twitch ban still unclear


After weeks of going on hiatus, following the unclear ban on Twitch, Dr Disrespect makes his return on the field of streaming on YouTube.

The gaming community continues to follow the news on Dr Disrepect and the obstacles he’s facing after Twitch decided to strike the ban gavel on him. The issue heated up as the streaming platform remained silent on the reason behind the ban.

The news of his ban sparked last June, as the wave of the #MeToo movement shook the gaming industry. Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, the streamer’s real name, went on a hiatus after that and was only heard of after allowing PC Gamer to interview him in mid-July.

Dr Disrespect’s return

Reports have it that the famed streamer went live on Instagram yesterday, wherein it entailed a “parody news report at the end,” Rod Breslau reports on Twitter, which says that “DrDisrespect may return to streaming as soon as today.”

Indeed enough, Doc went like on YouTube with a caption saying, “Dr Disrespect – The 2x Champion.” Although as of this writing, the stream has been going on for hours now without Dr Disrespect actually appearing and just a stream of music and radio-like monologue of Johnny Bandini.

As for his streaming exclusivity, Dr Disrespect did tell PC Gamer that nothing is set in stone yet. He is reportedly looking into the options of independently streaming on his website——and jumping into YouTube and Facebook.

Although reports confirm that neither Facebook nor YouTube has offered him any contract. The two platforms have not prevented him as well to use their platforms for his content.

Facebook Gaming just recently launched with most of the Mixer community migrating to Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. So, looking for a new audience will not be a major obstacle for the famed streamer.

Dr Disrespect’s fame is clearly seen as 10,000 fans are currently standing by for the doc’s return to the streaming arena on YouTube.

Twitch ban still a mystery

At the time of this writing, the official reason for the doc’s ban still remains a mystery. reports that Dr Disrespect has been a controversial figure on the streaming platform.

The media outlet enumerates a few instances that made headlines in the past. The first one dates back in 2018 when the internet celebrity “performed racist caricatures of Asian languages to mock Chinese opponents in games.”

Beahm was also banned on Twitch last year for allegedly filming people without their consent inside the restroom during E3. The latest issue was in May when he reportedly discussed some wildly-debunked information about COVID-19.

Featured image courtesy of DrDisrespect/Facebook

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