Dr Disrespect skin and arena is now live in ‘Rogue Company’

Dr Disrespect skin and arena is now live in 'Rogue Company'

Hi-Rez Studios has recently unveiled its update on Rogue Company. The Arena map is now live plus you can play as Dr Disrespect.

This month, we’ve seen Shroud have his taste of the recently free-to-play title from the studio that brought Smite and Paladins to the multiplayer arena.

Finally, the much-awaited arena map is now available in Rogue Company designed by none other than the “2x Champion” himself‚ÄĒDr Disrespect.

Ever since Dr Disrespect left Twitch, he has increased watch traffic over at YouTube Gaming, and the platform is now hitting over 1 million watch hours.

Players can also avail of the limited edition Dr Disrespect bundle which includes a legendary Dallas skin, his signature dance emote, and more.

A tour of the arena

The Arena map blends well with the Rogue Company theme. The coliseum backdrop plus the red atmosphere is what makes this Dr Disrespect map so action-packed.

Exploring the map further players are immersed in a theme park-style environment with arcade areas and a section filled with Dr Disrespect merchandise.

It’s also surprising that it only took a few months to get this map up and running and fans are stoked to see this come to life.

Customized banners and new mastery system

Rogue Company also rolled out its player identity feature where players can modify their borders and banners to their choosing.

They also included a mastery system for their rogues which gives the players rewards from leveling up their chosen rogues ranging from banners to avatars and the like.

In addition, Rogue Company also introduced a limited-time event for The Arena map with a chance of getting a Dr Disrespect banner if you manage to win once in Strikeout, Extraction, and Demolition game modes.

Although there was no mention until when players can have a chance to score this banner, it might be best to grind out this week before it goes away.

Featured image courtesy of Rogue Company/Twitter

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