Dr Disrespect teams up with Hi-Rez Studios’ ‘Rogue Company’

Dr Disrespect teams up with Hi-Rez Studios' 'Rogue Company'

There is no stopping Dr Disrespect and his further rise to online fame, despite the mysterious Twitch ban, as he now teams up with Hi-Rez Studios’ for Rogue Company.

Dr Disrespect just recently got out of hiatus after Twitch decided to ban him, without giving any reason at all. His fans stay tuned for his return, which happened on YouTube, among all other streaming platforms.

It should be noted that Dr Disrespect has not entered into an exclusive contract with either YouTube or Facebook; nor was he offered a contract by the two platforms as well.

Dr Disrespect get record-breaking view count

As of this writing, Dr Disrespect went live on YouTube twice already, and in both times he had an overwhelming number of audience. Forbes noted that Doc had “around 150,000 viewers at its peak” during his second stream.

The media outlet compares it to Ninja‘s YouTube stream—after the Mixer shutdown—which only marked around 130,000 viewer count, also at its peak.

Meanwhile, Doc did address the mysterious Twitch ban. Unfortunately, even after more than a month, he still doesn’t know why Twitch decided to ban him considering they have a very expensive exclusive contract signed.

Doc said:

“We still have no idea. We have no idea. And I’m gonna tell you this right now – as far as I’m concerned, we didn’t do anything to warrant a ban, let alone how they went about banning us. No communication before. No reaching out. Nothing. Boom. Done.”

Doc bags a partnership with Hi-Rez Studios

Meanwhile, it looks like things are looking up for Doc as his second stream was partnered with Rogue CompanyThis is an up and coming free-to-play third-person shooter game developed by Hi-Rez Studious.

It’s no Call of Duty: Warzone and does give off a little vibe of Valorant. It’s been hinted to be the next Valorant in the making.

Currently, the game is in its beta phase, and Doc played a hefty amount of time on his stream recently. On Twitter, Doc called on the official account of Rogue Company, telling them that he likes their game and asked if he could design a map.

The devs took on Doc’s request gave him 24 hours to hand it in, which he complied accordingly.

Doc’s videos on YouTube does have a hashtag on it that says “RoguePartner,” so it looks like the Twitch ban didn’t make too much of a dent to the streamer’s reputation. He also mentioned during his stream that calls have been rolling in, and there’s a lot of things lined up for him and his champions club—his fanbase.

Featured image courtesy of DrDisrespect/YouTube Screenshot

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