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Dr Disrespect Twitch ban: Here’s what we know so far


Dr Disrespect’s permanent ban on Twitch remains to be a big mystery. Here are the facts and the fictions of the popular’s streamer’s Twitch ban.

The video gaming community has been hit blow after blow in the last few weeks. The latest of those blows and probably one of the most shocking is when news broke out that Twitch has permanently banned Dr Disrespect from its streaming platform.

The reason for the popular stream’s ban is still a mystery. Right now, the gaming community could only play a guessing game as to why Dr Disrespect was banned. Twitch has remained silent on the issue, only releasing a vague statement. Not only that, the streamer’s wife only furthered to fan the flames as she thanked the community for their support.

The beginning

Dr Disrespect, whose real name is Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, is no doubt one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. His popularity on the platform grew even bigger after Ninja and Shroud departed for the now-defunct Mixer.

On June 26, news first broke out that Twitch had permanently banned Beahm on the platform. After a few days, there is still no word as to why Twitch would resort to such action. The company did release a statement implying that the streamer had violated their community guidelines and terms of the agreement. As to what the violation is, one could only guess.

This isn’t exactly new for Twitch. The platform has built up a reputation for banning streamers without giving much detail, just like with what happened with other popular streamers like Josh and Ice Poseidon.

The Doc is clueless, but an eSports insider is not

In response to his banning, Dr Disrespect took to Twitter, explaining that Twitch had not provided him a reason.

Prior to Beahm’s response, his friend TimTheTatMan already revealed that the Doc had no idea for Twitch’s action against him. It would seem as though all of Twitch had put a united front when it comes to maintaining silence regarding the Doc’s perma-ban.

But if there is one person who claims to know the reason why the Doc was banned, it’s a reputable eSports insider Rod Breslau. According to him, an insider had told him the reason for Dr Disrespect’s banning. However, due to the sensitivity of the subject, he is not comfortable in revealing it just yet.

Early signs and refunds for Dr Disrespect subscriptions

Many believe that the Doc was already made aware of the situation during his last livestream. According to the viewers, the Doc went out of character during the last few minutes as he seemingly reads from his phone. This could be an indication that something has already gone wrong.

It’s possible that the streamer was made aware of his ban but that he wasn’t informed as to why.

After this, Twitch began issuing refunds for Dr Disrespect subscriptions. Not only that, but his sponsors had also stopped mentioning him. This could be an indication that the ban on the popular streamer could, in fact, be permanent.


After it was revealed that Dr Disrespect had been banned from Twitch, speculations began to surface regarding the reason for such a ban. With the recent movement within the gaming community and as many personalities are accused of sexual assault, many believe that the Doc’s ban could be connected to the issue.

There is no solid evidence as of yet that correlates his ban to the issue, however. But his wife’s gratitude for the support her husband had received makes this claim unlikely. This also comes after the Doc’s previous issue with infidelity.

One outrageous rumor going around on the internet is that the Doc had manipulated another streamer. Not only that, but Twitch CEO Emmett Shear is also supposedly aware of this and had protected Dr Disrespect. If this were true, a change in leadership could soon follow, but none has happened as of yet.

According to a post published by GameRant, the fact that the former Twitch star still has an active Twitter account says much about the issue. Most personalities that were accused of sexual assault and other related crimes often end up having their Twitter accounts deactivated or shut down.

Ninja, Shroud and the Doc on Brime

Another theory that is circulating online is that Dr Disrespect will supposedly move to another platform called Brime. The rumor claims that he will do so together with big-name streamers such as Ninja and Shroud. The ban was supposedly enforced after the Doc was discovered to be recruiting other streamers to move to the new streaming platform.

So far, this rumor regarding Twitch banned the Doc because of Brime remains to be proven.

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