‘Dr Stone’ Chapter 186: Can Suika escape the American soldiers?

Dr Stone Chapter 186

Things are continuously getting intense in Dr Stone Chapter 186. As Stanley’s henchmen are about to capture Suika, can the latter escape the situation?

This situation may derail the plan for the Kingdom of Science. Knowing Stanley won’t hesitate to kill anyone, things now look worse for Suika in Dr Stone Chapter 186.

Chapter 186 spoilers, predictions, and more

According to Epic Dope, if Suika ever gets captured, it will be a massive advantage for the American soldiers.

Stanley may force Suika to reveal everything she knows about Senku’s plan. It is also possible that he may take her as his hostage to win the science war.

It has been known that Stanley will do everything to save his master, so there are a lot of possibilities of what he may do to Suika.

However, as Francois is still hidden, there is only a little hope for Senku’s plan to work in Dr Stone Chapter 186.

The new chapter may also reveal the final fight between Senku and Stanley, so there are many questions about who may win this battle.

Chapter 185 recap

In Dr Stone Chapter 185, Kaseki believed they needed to create a new battery diamond. Fortunately, Joel thought he had found the perfect match and size required, but he wanted to do it himself.

Though it was only an ordinary diamond, he knew he had to make a huge difference. Anyhow, Senku was confident that Joel and Kaseki could do their workOtakuKart News noted.

Senku had planned to petrify the entire place when Stanley arrived. However, one of them would stay out of it so that he/she could depetrify their other crewmates back.

But this plan wouldn’t take effect unless Senku’s team finally got their hands on the diamond that would upgrade the medusa device.

As Kaseki and Joel seemed to fail to recreate the diamond, he tried his best to console the initial. Kaseki then noticed that the original diamonds had cracks around the center.

It then broke into two when struck by a hammer. Xeno then had an idea of what happened to the diamond, and it might take some time before Kaseki could create a new one.

It was also part of the plan to choose Suika to be out of the petrified place. However, after a big commotion, the American soldiers saw Suika and Charlotte amid the forest.

What would happen from here would be next seen on the release of Dr Stone Chapter 186 on Sunday, Feb. 21.

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