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‘Dr. Stone’ Chapter 186: Will Senku have the upper hand in the war?


Now that Senku knows where Stanley’s army is, can this give him the upper hand in the war in Dr. Stone Chapter 186?

Francois has risked her life to send the radio signal to Senku so that he will know where the enemy’s troops are. Now that he can make his own move, will his plans succeed in Dr. Stone Chapter 186?

The last leg of war

According to Epic Dope, the upcoming chapter will take fans to the science war’s last leg. Stanley and Senku continue their fight, but after Suika and Francois met the initial’s people, could they still stay out of the petrification radius?

Francois and Suika had pretended to be doctors. Thankfully, the way the latter saved Charlotte from spider bites made them more credible.

However, knowing Stanley is not a murderer, he will surely not hurt Suika and Francois in Dr. Stone Chapter 186.

Elsewhere, Senku knows Stanley will be coming down the river. He even seems to be unsurprised that the enemy caught Suka and Francois.

By the looks of it, he has his own plans, and it seems to be working his way.

Chapter 185 recap

In Dr. Stone Chapter 185, Francois did his best to hide, while Suika believed Stanley’s people caught them. They used Ginro and Mistukaze as their bait, but it seemed not to work.

When one of the henchmen told Suika to freeze, she escaped, thinking “freeze” meant the water would turn into ice. She knew that she couldn’t afford to be caught, knowing their mission would fail.

Francois realized that Suika, Ginro, and Mistukaze didn’t know what freeze meant in the 21st century. Stanley’s gang was even surprised that Suika didn’t stop, so they started chasing her, OtakuKart News noted.

Knowing Suika was good at hiding, she managed to lose them. However, they later cornered her, and when one of them ordered for her to be shot, Francois threw her knife. Mitsukaze then used it to untie himself, and so he jumped to catch it and kicked one of the henchmen.

He also untied Ginro and Mitsukaze left everything to the initial’s hands. Despite their efforts to escape, they were caught again but managed to send Senku a message.

Now, Senku knows where the enemy is at, and he will be on the move.

What would happen from here would be next seen when Dr. Stone Chapter 186 drops on Sunday, Feb. 28, on Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus.

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