‘Dr. Stone’ Chapter 189: can Senku revive Tsukasa, Hyoga?

Dr. Stone Chapter 189

Dr. Stone Chapter 189 will break a lot of fans’ hearts with the deaths of two major characters. Tsukasa and Hyoga may bid their final goodbye after losing in their fight in the previous chapter.

Hyoga seems to be lifeless after sustaining a gunshot, while Tsukasa is just about to lose consciousness. The latter puts all of his hopes to Senku, believing he can turn him back to life in Dr. Stone Chapter 189.

Can Senku stop their deaths and revive them?

The power of science may put Tsukasa and Hyoga back to life. Fans are hoping Senku can do another miracle to save these two.

There may be no way that the creator Riichiro Inagaki will kill off his two important characters that play significant roles in the war.

It may also be impossible that Senku will lose his two greatest fighters. Without them, how can he defeat the Empire of Might?

According to Epic Dope, as long as Senku holds the working medusa, he may resurrect Tsukasa and Hyoga.

However, it remains to be seen if this can happen, as no one knows the limit of this device.

The war between Senku and Stanley will continue in Dr. Stone Chapter 189.

The enemy is now on their way to the Kingdom of Science, but their leader still has to fix his communication device before making any significant move.

If it doesn’t work out as planned, Senku can just put a knife under Xeno’s throat.

Chapter 188 recap

Dr. Stone Chapter 188 saw Kohaku, Hyoga, and Tsukasa’s capture by Stanley’s people, OtakuKart News noted.

Of course, the three didn’t just concede, and a huge brawl started. Although they knew their lives were in danger, they were determined to destroy Stanley’s transceiver.

Kohaku warned Tsukasa about Maya’s incoming blow. As the fight continued, the armored soldiers were surprised to know that Tsukasa was actually an MMA champion from Japan and the strongest man in history.

Maya wanted to see how a skilled-MMA fighter fights. She later promised to kill the three and consistently attacked Tsukasa that sent him to his knees.

Tsukasa then redeemed himself and gave Maya a blow that sent her flying to the sky. However, no matter how strong he was, his strength was of no match to a gun.

He was later sniped in the chest. Hyoga got shot, too, and tried his best to stay on his feet to protect Kohaku.

Will they manage to stay alive in Dr. Stone Chapter 189? Find out when the new episode drops on Sunday, March 14.

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