‘Dr. Stone’ Chapter 191: Senku to make a bold move

Dr. Stone Chapter 191

Senku and his friends are ready to make an all-out suicidal attack in Dr. Stone Chapter 191. The science genius is willing to do everything to have the upper hand in the war against Stanley.

Senku and his allies learn science can advance to the future, so they will use it to save their lives in Dr. Stone Chapter 191. After Joel successfully made the medusa worked, Senku is now ready to turn the tables.

Senku’s bold move

Stanley is now ready to attack Senku’s base. However, as his communication is now destroyed, Senku is willing to make a bold move.

Stanley badly needs Xeno, so Senku plans to put a knife under his throat to surrender. If Stanley doesn’t give in, will Senku kill Xeno?

According to Epic Dope, this move will only put Suika, Ginro, and Francois in danger in Dr. Stone Chapter 191.

However, they seem to be left with no choice to stop Stanley but this.

If they let Stanley get Xeno, they will rule the world together in the most dictatorial way that will put everyone in danger.

So, can Senku’s incredible knowledge is science help them?

Chapter 190 recap

Stanley and his people arrived at Senku’s base, and they started the attack. They managed to snipe out Ryusui and Taiju in front of Gen, OtakuKart News noted.

The trio tried their best to buy Senku and his gang some time to finish the devices. Gen already took out the Science Kingdom flag and waved it on the air, claiming the victory.

Senku couldn’t help but tear up upon seeing the damage Stanley caused. He was worried that all the diamonds might have burned up.

He deeply regretted that he couldn’t do anything about it, making him feel that he left his crew down.

As Senku was with Saseki, they both realized the victory was very far from their reach. They believed they were nothing they could do as they failed to take a step toward the future.

Thankfully, Chrome arrived with a big surprise, carrying the materials they needed. Though he wasn’t sure if they have enough power, he showed them Senku’s phone.

What happens next can be seen when Dr. Stone Chapter 191 drops on Sunday, April 4. The manga now takes a break every week, so it will be a 14-day wait before they finally see what will occur.

On the other hand, Dr. Stone Chapter 191 raw scans will be out on Friday, April 2.

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