‘Dr. Stone’ Chapter 192: Can Senku fix things after activating medusa?

Dr. Stone Chapter 192

Senku seems to make a mistake after activating medusa, and he will try to fix it up in Dr. Stone Chapter 192.

Senku once again did something reckless after he tried to petrify the world. There are a lot of questions surrounding this move, but will he manage to make things better in Dr. Stone Chapter 192?

Senku’s master plan

Senku has finally achieved the working medusa, though it is located with Joel in North America. The only thing they can do today is to turn the world back to stone and start the revival all over again.

Sure, Joel sets the range to 12,800,000 meters, but they are unsure if it will have enough juice to cover the entire world.

By the looks of it, it has been Senku’s master plan all along, and it remains to be seen if he will succeed.

Will he be able to bring everyone back to life in Dr. Stone Chapter 192?

According to Epic Dope, Senku and the gang can’t afford to wait for another 3,700 years to do so.

So, Senku may set Nital vials with someone, and it needs to break as soon as the world gets petrified.

That someone will then revive their members, except for Stanley’s people.

Chapter 191 events and recap

Senku and the gang managed to talk to Joel in North America after serving Stanley’s attacks, OtakuKart News noted.

Joel wanted to fight back the soldiers, but Brody believed they were trying to kill themselves.

He could not believe they were planning the attack without even bringing any weapon. Brody then realized Senku was asking his crew to fight through that Japanese message.

He was convinced they had been tricked. Senku’s plans had already started, though, and it was too late for Brody to do anything.

Senku then told his North America crew that they were the ones who would make medusa turn everyone into a stone.

He knew it was their last chance, and his people should never miss it after attacking the weaker side.

Senku intentionally lured Stanley to attack the stronger side, as he had no idea what was happening in North America.

Fans are now crossing their fingers that Stanley will not find out about this plan and Senku will come out the victor.

What happens next can be seen when Dr. Stone Chapter 192 drops on Sunday, April 11. The manga’s new chapter usually comes out every week, though it is sometimes moved on Friday.

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