‘Dr. Stone’ Chapter 195: Can Suika revive Senku, others?

Dr. Stone Chapter 195

Everyone’s life seems to be in the hands of Suika now after her successful revival. However, can she helps others in Dr. Stone Chapter 195?

The sudden thunderclap in the previous episode caused the revival fluid to break and pour on Suika. It successfully woke her up after the petrification’s second wave. As she has no revival vials on hand, how can she save everyone in Dr. Stone Chapter 195?

Suika’s move to help everyone’s revival

Fans feel great relief when Suika wakes up. However, as there are no revival vials left, how can she bring others back to life?

Will she die alone while her allies remain as stone statues?

According to Epic Dope, Suika believes if Senku can survive alone and turn everyone into their usual self, she can do it, too.

This way, she can prove to everybody that she is also helpful.

It is now her task to find a revival fluid to help her friends return back to normal. However, after searching all the statues, she finds nothing.

Sadly, she does not have the right skill to craft a revival fluid. So, this means the revival fluid bottle that Luna threw into the forest will play a major role in Dr. Stone Chapter 195.

If she finds it, she may use it first on Senku so that he can make a move to revive the rest.

Also, the revival process is believed to heal any injury. So, does it mean it may also bring Tsukasa, Hyoga, and Kohaku back to life?

Chapter 194 recap

Dr. Stone Chapter 194 featured Stanley, realizing that he would be defeated if he did not do anything about the war.

He knew he could ruin everything if he would shoot the bottle, which would mean Senku and his friends would not be revived.

The sure victory would be his, OtakuKart News noted.

Stanley said humanity would end if the revival fluid got lost. So, he seemed torn between breaking or leaving the bottle.

Dr. Xeno, on the other hand, talked about his past and the memories he had shared with Senku.

He realized their pair turned out to be the best scientist duo that ever happened in the universe.

He then reminded Deku that they used to be the rulers of the world using science.

Sadly, something happened that kept them apart, making him wonder what went wrong.

What happens from here will be seen when Dr. Stone Chapter 195 drops on Sunday, May 9.

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