‘Dr. Stone’ Chapter 202: What awaits Senku, team in Spain?

Dr. Stone Chapter 202

Senku and his team will continue to look for the materials they need to finally begin their moon mission in Dr. Stone Chapter 202.

As they will be on their way to Spain, will the team succeed or a great danger is waiting for them in Dr. Stone Chapter 202? Will they finally find the Fluorite they need?

The Mission to Find Every Material Needed

According to Omnitos, the whole team has now sailed on the water to look for every material they need.

They will build the three main things to finally begin their space travel: a spaceship, spacesuit and rocket engine.

Their main goal is to go to Spain and collect Fluorite in Barcelona in Dr. Stone Chapter 202.

After their return from the Mediterranean sea, a new adventure is about to begin. So, what is waiting for the team in Spain?

Chapter 201 Recap

Senku is yet to face Why-man but continuously uses the Morse code. He then sends a warning to Senku that reads, “Do You Want to Die?”

So, what does that mean?

OtakuKart News noted the operation to revive the world had finally begun. Ukyo revealed how they would split apart to fulfill their mission while they remained to have a communication.

However, with the lack of satellite, the group found it hard to communicate with a great distance.

Ukyo suggested their transmission option was to send Morse code. Senku added they needed to learn this quickly.

This made Kohaku worried, knowing she could not even write. Thankfully, Suika came to her rescue and promised to teach her.

Meanwhile, talking about Why-man, Epic Dope revealed he is “the single most mysterious being” in the manga series.

He now made a direct move in Chapter 201 by sending Senku a complete, eerie message. It looked like it did not want anyone to reach its location.

Will his move stop Senku and the team from getting to the powerful radio wave? Of course, it will never do so.

In fact, its threat only pushed Senku and company to make its way there. There was no going back for this team.

Is Why-man trying to hide something that cannot be revealed to the world? Its identity remains a mystery either and is only known as a signal with a lot of “whys” in its Morse code, so the name.

So, fans may know more about it when Dr. Stone Chapter 202 drops Sunday, June 27.

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