‘Dr. Stone’ Chapter 203: Senku gets local inhabitants’ help


Senku and his exploration team are now enjoying Barcelona, Spain, before continuing their mission to find Fluorite in Dr. Stone Chapter 203.

As they may forget the importance of time, can they find what they are looking for before Whyman moves?

Everybody knows that Senku and company’s mission is urgent, but they still decide to relax and have some fun. As they still enjoy touring Spain, can they complete their spaceship before it is too late?

Mission or Leisure?

Worrying fans do not have to fret anymore as Senku and friends will start mining Fluorite in Barcelona come the new installment.

According to Epic Dope, the Science genius has already revived a few inhabitants to help them accomplish the Moon mission.

As Senku shows no domination over these people, it will be a good start for the group.

He asks for their help, to which they heed, so the mining begins.

Their next move will be to build advanced machines to speed up their mining works in Dr. Stone Chapter 203.

If they succeed, they will be completing their mission soon enough.

However, knowing how Senku loves rare minerals, he may give a whole speech about it first.

He may tell the different applications of Fluorite and other stuff about it.

In addition, fans may also see Kaseki and Joel’s much-awaited reunion in Corn City.

Here, these two may learn more things about the medusa device.

Chapter 202 Recap

In Dr. Stone Chapter 202, the crew was evidently enjoying their travel as they talked about the minerals they liked.

Ryusui revealed he was obsessed with Flourite, OtakuKart News noted. Chrome and Francois, alternatively, said they fell in love with the olive that Senku created through science.

As they continued their discussion, they eventually arrived in Barcelona. Gen reminded everyone that it took them a week to reach their destination.

Senku decided they would set camp and relax first, as they worked with some scientific stuff.

He then invited the group to take sight of Spain. Ryusui asked him about Chelsea’s location and harvesting olive oil.

Knowing he was the king of desire, Senku let him.

Ryusui, Francois and Chelsea harvested olive oil, but Senku missed a bowl and Gen said it was food science.

As their relaxing time ended, fans are about to see the continuation of their mission on the release of Dr. Stone Chapter 203 on Sunday, July 4.

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