‘Dr. Stone’ Chapter 220 spoilers: Who will join the moon mission?

Dr. Stone Chapter 220

Fans will finally see who will travel to the moon in Dr. Stone Chapter 220 after Senku and the rest of the science team have successfully built a three-seater rocket.

The group is now ready to meet the final big boss, Why-Man, but will it happen in Dr. Stone Chapter 220? Senku and others have finally selected a team of astronauts after intense training, so who will it be?

The fulfillment of the moon mission

Suika wants to know who will join the moon mission, but Chelsea suggests Dr. Xeno choose.

Knowing he is an expert when it comes to these things, he is the one who should create the moon-mission team.

Epic Dope noted Senku and the rest of the science crew are about to step on the moon and face Why-Man.

After everything that has happened, they will finally know the reason behind Why-Mean’s purpose for his actions.

There are theories Tsukasa will be one of the astronauts going to the moon in Dr. Stone Chapter 220.

However, it cannot be denied that Kohaku is also a perfect choice. From here, the group will be facing another big challenge as they prepare themselves for a space trip.

So, what will it be? Does Why-Man have a new plan against the science crew’s moon mission?

Chapter 219 Recap

Meanwhile, in Dr. Stone Chapter 219, Xeno told everyone the moon mission would de different from the past as the astronauts would be petrified.

Gen then talked about how they would be revived, per OtakuKart News. Xeno explained the Petri-Beam would decide humanity’s fate and picked the three astronauts that would be part of the crew.

There should be one pilot, one scientist and one warrior. Ryusui believed he should be the pilot, to which Chrome agreed.

This made Xeno realize there were plenty of scientists in the group, so it would be difficult to choose only one.

Anyhow, he decided to to do the control mission, seeing nobody else was fit to play the role.

Suika questioned why they had to debate about the scientist when Chrome said everybody knew who it could be.

Senku wondered if they were talking about him. Xeno reminded everyone the three crews would be petrified and had to undergo stamina training.

From here, Senku underwent swimming lessons to make him used to carry a heavy spacesuit.

What happens from here can be seen when Dr. Stone Chapter 220 drops on Sunday, Nov. 28.

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