‘Dr. Stone’ manga update: Senku’s story is now in its final days


Dr. Stone is now on its final few chapters as it officially kicks off its final arc in the release of Chapter 212.

Senku is now on his final mission to meet the man on the moon, named Why-Man, who is said to be behind the petrification. As his moon mission is about to begin, it puts Dr. Stone in its final days.

The Moon Mission

The mystery surrounding the manga series is now inching closer to being solved. Called the “Final Part: Stone to Space” arc, Senku and the rest of the world are now on their way to their last-minute preparations to launch their moon mission.

Senku is set to meet Why-Man on the moon and learn why he has been petrifying the people on Earth.

According to Comicbook, this only means that the series’ final mystery is about to be revealed in no time. By the looks of it, the select trio is about to begin their groundbreaking mission.

Anyhow, after the release of Chapter 212, Dr. Stone will be taking a short break. So, there will be no new chapter coming this week and Chapter 213 will not drop until Oct. 10.

From here, it is going to take its final arc in its first direction.

The Manga’s Success

Meanwhile, the manga has been a huge hit since it started its serialization in March 2017. Come 2019, it began to be adapted into anime, driving more fans to the franchise.

Sadly, fans will no longer see the incredible banter of Senku and his friends much longer.

Twitter page WSJ_Manga first announced the news about the series’ ending last week. It revealed the climax of Senku’s story was about to come.

However, it did not disclose how long the final arc would last.

Dr. STONE will be starting the Final Arc of the series after resuming in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #45,” it tweeted.

The final arc had officially begun on the release of Weekly Shonen Jump’s latest issue last week.

Here, it would continuously pick up the story of Senku and his friends as they explore the world around them.

But as their enemies continue to tail on them, wild things are about to happen in the last few chapters.

Writer Riichiro Inagaki and illustrator Boichi started to create Senku’s story in 2017. Now, it has 22 volumes and more than 10 million copies in circulation.

TMS Entertainment started its anime version in July 2019 and the third season is now in the works.

As Dr. Stone is now set to come to a close, every chapter that will drop is worth to be seen.

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