‘Dragon Age 2’ had a Snyder Cut style, uncut version!

The recent release of the Snyder Cut has resulted in many creators revealing about their original versions. And Dragon Age 2 is a new addition!

Yes, the decade-old BioWare title, Dragon Age 2, initially had an extended, uncut version. Its creator David Gaider recently shared full details on the 2011 game.

Moreover, he revealed a lot of other unknown information as well.

‘Dragon Age 2’ had its own ‘Snyder Cut’ style version

Now a co-founder at Australian game studio Summerfall, David Gaider recently shared a tweet with lots of threads.

They mentioned multiple details regarding the 2011 BioWare title, along with a wish list.

He said that he would love to see a Snyder Cut-style remake of Dragon Age 2. Because BioWare had to cut out a huge portion, during the development phase, before releasing the final version.

Gaider even called it a “Project of Multiple Regrets.”

In another tweet, he described Dragon Age 2 as “a fantastic game hidden under a mountain of compromises, cut corners, and tight deadlines.”

Furthermore, in his wish list for the game, he wrote:

“Either restore the progressive changes to Kirkwall we’d planned over the passing of in-game years or reduce the time between acts to months instead of years.”

He wants to make Kirkwall an even bigger city, being “more crowded” and “more alive.”

Furthermore, he would like to restore a plot point related to Hawke as a mage.

Several other cut narratives in his tweets include the connection with Dragon Age: Origins.

An Exalted March DLC is also on his wish list, which was never released after DA2 was launched.

There’s a complete, even more, elaborated description of his original ideas for the game. If interested, you can go to his official Twitter handle.

The gaming industry and limitations to creative freedom

The revelation about Dragon Age 2 once again throws the light on how many creative choices do directors and makers have. Especially in the entertainment and gaming industries.

Since the present case is related to a game, it will only focus on that.

In the last few years, it has been witnessed that big studios keep restricting the ideas when it comes to a title’s plot.

Instead of giving the creator the power to keep and remove, they give them instructions, which is not at all good, neither for the industry’s future nor for the gamers themselves.

In the case of Dragon Age 2, there might be players who must have thought for a great DLC addition after its release a decade ago.

However, BioWare didn’t care much about it.

There’s so much a title can be, provided it gets what it requires the most—extended and uninterrupted creative liberty. It’s necessary for any game during the phase of development.

Famous and reputed studios shouldn’t ignore this aspect.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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