‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ poster hints at Space-Time War arc intense fights


A new Dragon Ball Heroes poster has dropped and it hints at where the Space-Time War Arc is heading.

After Goku Black and Z Fighters’ big fight, it looks like Dragon Ball Heroes will feature several more intense battles and episodes. Fans have now witnessed Cell’s resurrection after many teasers and hints.

So, what major revelations and returns will the anime show this time?

The Appearance of Goku Black

For the first time, fans saw the appearance of Goku Black in Dragon Ball Heroes. Viewers also witnessed Zamasu with Kaioshin as a Hearts underling.

Now that the Hearts ally with Goku, it remains to be seen if the latter’s doppelganger has an ax to grind the series’ villain.

According to Comicbook, Hearts also want to stop the plans of the mad scientist Fuu to destroy the universe from happening. The antagonist wants to build a new planet in his own image that may cause disaster to everyone.

Goku Black failed to defeat Goku in his Ultra Instinct Sign form, though he managed to destroy Planet Vegeta. He also got the help of another Goku doppelganger in Turles.

New Poser Teaser

Meanwhile, Twitter user DBS Hype shows off a full glimpse of the new Dragon Ball Heroes poster.

Here, Goku can be seen in his Perfect Ultra Instinct form. It also hints at the identity of one of the two Masked Saiyans and the revelation of Goku Black’s identity.

By the looks of it, the next episodes will be intense with these three.

The Latest Episode’s Release

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes showed Goku and Vegeta’s battle against Goku Black.

The two Saiyans were trapped inside a new universe that Fu himself created using his demonic power.

Now, the much-awaited rematch with one of their strongest opponents finally happened. The new Space-Time War arc showed how this battle kicked off.

Would this favor the Saiyans or the antagonist? By the looks of it, the good would always win.

Many believed Goku and Vegeta would win over Goku Black no matter how strong the latter was.

However, this may not mean their fight is now over. As Goku Black seems to remain in the series, the anime may show what will be his next move.

Will they be in a fight again soon? Find out when Dragon Ball Heroes continues its Space-Time War arc.

Featured image used courtesy of Instacodez/Flickr/Public Domain Mark 1.0 (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/)

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