‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ to unveil new Super Saiyan Rose form

Dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball Heroes drops a new promo that teases the latest evolution of Super Saiyan Rose.

It looks like fans will see another transformation of Goku Black in Dragon Ball Heroes. Can this even surpass the strength of Super Saiyan Blue?

A New Interesting Promo

According to Comicbook, the anime series has a new commercial centering on the Big Bang Mission 9.

It shows Goku Black going off. The franchise seems ready to explore Super Saiyan Rose 2. By the looks of it, the villain perfectly suits this form.

It gives everyone a glimpse of the old transformation until it reaches something that is quite elevated.

Just like how the Super Saiyan 2 looks, this one seems to be filled with oozing energy. Goku Black also receives a speed boost.

And as a treat for fans, this will not be the final evolution Super Saiyan Rose will receive.

In fact, some previews for the franchise’s next arcade façade showed what will be the next for this transformation.

By the looks of it, Dragon Ball Heroes will unveil the new Super Saiyan Rose 3 before the new arc ends.

It is yet to reveal what superpower this form has, but it is surely nothing but godly, especially when it is already fully powered.

Fans can also expect it to be crazy strong, so everyone should look forward to seeing its ability.

An Alternate Universe

Meanwhile, despite being on the air for a time, many still question if Dragon Ball Heroes is part of the franchise’s canon.

CBR noted even if the anime features the franchise’s main stars, like Son Goku, his friends, family and even villains, it is not part of the original story.

It is an alternate universe that will answer the fans’ questions of “What Ifs.” It is also set to feature the fights that did not happen in the main canon.

It will feature the different scenarios that may never happen in the main series without affecting its main storyline.

The show has a list of characters from every timeline and iteration of the Z Fighters’ stories. Instead of following the old tale, it breaks the power scales and rules to add some fun to the story.

Here, Broly and Gohan can use Super Saiyan 4, Gotenks has an adult form and Goku can merge with Xeno Goku.

Cell can also fight and become an ally of Beerus, although he is already dead long before the introduction of God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Featured image used courtesy of Instacodez/Flickr/Public Domain Mark 1.0 (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/)

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