‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 61 Teaser hints at Moro’s defeat

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 61: Teaser hints at Moro’s defeat

Fans have been waiting to see Vegeta’s new superpower in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61. Now, as the manga series’ official site dropped the rough draft of Vegeta and Moro’s fight, did it reveal the initial’s new ability?

Sadly, the teaser didn’t give a glimpse of Vegeta’s new strength. Instead, it just showed a standard look to their much-awaited fight in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61, hinting at Moro’s defeat.

Will Vegeta defeat Moro?

Fans have been talking about Vegeta’s new superpower since he started his training in Yardrat. According to Comicbook, he has been eyeing to develop an attack that is far greater than Instant Transmission. Fortunately, according to him, he succeeded.

In the previous chapter, Vegeta returned to earth to help Goku fight Moro, using his new superpower. So, in the new installment, fans are now expecting to see his new technique.

Alternatively, the draft only showed some “standard battle imagery” of Vegeta and Moro’s fight. There is also a scene where Goku and the rest of the Z-fighters are surprised when they see Vegeta looking down at his opponent.

Does this mean Vegeta wins against Moro in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61? As the franchise seems to favor Goku more, he succeeds in most of the series fights. However, Vegeta’s fans believe that their favorite character is going to win this time.

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The new chapter’s teaser

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 teaser, fans can see Vegeta punching Moro. However, the latter seems unaffected as he quickly recovers. From here, Gohan realizes that his attacks don’t workDigi Statement noted.

“What about that guy? Bocón, but cannot even damage it?” Android 18 said, worrying.

Although Moro feels Vegeta gains more power, it’s still not enough to defeat him. Even Piccolo notices Vegeta is more powerful now than before. But Moro’s ability is still far more magnificent.

As Vegeta continuously punches Moro, the villain asks him to “give up.” The planet eater manages to stop one of his fists and kick it against the rock.

With the prince’s strength, Moro is surprised that someone can increase his energy, saying Vegeta will be his “best meal.”

However, Gohan seems to be surprised by Vegeta’s plans, and Jaco wonders if he will continue without accepting his defeat. Piccolo then explains that Vegeta is not the man who will not know his opponent’s power.

So, as Moro seems to get tired of Vegeta’s attacks, the initial points his hand toward him. However, Vegeta suddenly avoids Moro, a move that surprises Goku.

Will this lead to Moro’s defeat? Find out in the release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61, reportedly titled “Vegeta Reborn,” on Thursday, June 18. Fans can read it on Manga Plus and Viz.

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