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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 61 to reveal Vegeta’s superpower against Moro


Now that Vegeta is on Earth, everything will be intense in the coming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61. Fans may finally see how strong Vegeta is after his training in Yardrat.

Moro has finally revealed his true power. Hence, even though Goku managed to activate the Ultra Instinct Sign, it was still no match to the wizard’s strength. Indeed, he was the most powerful of them all, but can Vegeta bring him down in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61?

New details and possible spoilers

Warning: The following details contain spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61. Read at your own risk.

In the new chapter, EconoTimes noted that fans would finally see the fight between Vegeta and Moro. With his new abilities and strength, he is confident enough that he can defeat the world’s most powerful wizard.

Aside from Vegeta’s teleportation ability, he has also mastered what he trained for in Yardrat. Wondering what this technique is? This unnamed ability will finally be revealed in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61.

Moro and Vegeta’s fight

Vegeta had been watching Goku and Moro’s fight, although he was in Yardrat. So, he was able to teleport on the battlefield when Goku needed help.

When he appeared in-between the two, he seemed to be confident that he could fight Moro this time. So, he started to power up, and even Moro himself was surprised by the level of his power.

According to Blocktoro, Vegeta and Moro’s fight in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 6 may continue in a few chapters of the manga series. Just like the previous fights, it may cover several sections of the story.

As Vegeta trained very hard to master the secret, un-named technique, fans are also confident that he can finally bring Moro down. It looks like he is more than prepared to face the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga’s antagonist this time.

The much-awaited release date

The V-Jump magazine announced that Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 is going to be out on Saturday, June 20. It has been known that the new chapter of the manga series is released every 20th of the month.

So, fans still have to wait for a month before they will finally get to see Vegeta and Moro’s fight.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61’s scan, on the other hand, is expected to leak out online a few days before its official release date. So, the manga series’ followers may have a glimpse of it on June 17 or 18. Fans can also read it for free on MangaPlus, Shonen Jump app, and other V-Jump magazine’s official platforms.

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