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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 61: Vegeta hints at superpower’s high level


Fans still have to wait for a month to see the battle between Vegeta and Moro in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61. The prince of the fallen Saiyan race is about to use his new superpower to defeat the enemy. But can he make it?

Vegeta’s new ability remains to be a big mystery. It may only be seen on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61. But, he has been hinting that his ability is more powerful than Goku and Moro’s after he completed his training in Yardrat.

The fight between Moro and Vegeta

In the previous chapter of the manga, Goku and Moro faced each other with all their strength. Goku fought Moro with all his might even though he knew that he could lose all of his energy quickly.

Merus admitted that he miscalculated Moro’s ability, Econo Times noted. As the villain’s level of power reached the great length, he expected Goku to feel it. Unfortunately, Goku couldn’t get hold of his Ultra Instinct Sign due to exhaustion, resulting in his defeat.

Androids 17 and 18 entered the scene to stop Moro from absorbing Goku’s remaining energy. Fortunately, Vegeta sensed the ordeal and asked Pybara to teach him Instant Teleportation.

After he quickly mastered the ability, Vegeta returned to Earth. At the time, Androids 17 and 18 were still trying to fight Moro.

From here, Vegeta teased the superpower he got. When he asked Goku if the Ultra Instinct power was proven useless, he said he learned a “far superior technique of his own.”

He then asked Androids 17 and 18 to stop attacking Moro. As their fight will be revealed in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61, fans can expect it to be more intense.

Moro told him that there would be no fighters coming to match his power. In response, Vegeta said to him that he just found the warrior who was stronger than him. Does this mean Vegeta has more potent power than Moro after his training in Yardrat?

The manga series’ release date, raw scans, and more

In more than two weeks, fans will finally see the intense battle between Moro and Vegeta. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 will be out on June 20, V-Jump magazine announced.

The new chapter of the manga series is usually out every 20th of the month. Its raw scans, alternatively, are typically leaked a couple of days before its official release date.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 can be read for free on MangaPlus, the Shonen Jump app, and other V-Jump magazine’s official platforms. Fans are advised to read the series from the official sources as it will also help the creators.

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