‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 62 Spoilers: Goku, Vegeta fusion will beat Moro

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 62 Spoiler: Goku, Vegeta fusion will beat Moro

Dragon Ball Super fans witnessed how Vegeta took up a notch in Chapter 61. However, he still ended up as beaten as Goku. The fight against Moro will continue in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 is expected to feature another intense and action-packed battle against Moro. Vegeta and Goku will continue their fight to beat the powerful wizard.

Since Vegeta is as beaten as Goku in the previous chapter, there are rumors that there will be a fusion between the two Super Saiyans.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 may feature Goku and Vegeta fusion

There are various speculations about the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62. The previous chapter was among many’s favorites even if highlighted Vegeta, not Goku.

However, the superheroes are still far from reaching victory. In fact, Vegeta is now as beaten as Goku. Many want Vegeta to win this time. Several believe that the character deserves to win a battle of his own.

Munee Hashmi, a manga fan and writer at Otakukart, shared his thoughts about the next chapter. He believes that the plot will focus again on Goku.

“For those people, who thought Vegeta might be finishing this arc, the possibility is not there,” he wrote.

“Goku has always been the ending point in all the arcs. It is going to be him who takes on Moro now.”

However, since Moro has become even stronger after using the 73’s copy ability, a potential fusion between Goku and Vegeta could happen.

According to him, the fusion of Vegeta and Goku a.k.a Gogeta could happen using the Fusion Dance Technique. Vegeta could grant Ki to other people and power up Goku. Then, Goku will lead the final against Moro and defeat him.

Block Toro also suggested the same plot about Goku and Vegeta teaming up to beat Moro.


Fans were rooting for Vegeta

Vegeta dominated the last chapter. In fact, many were sad that the chapter did not end with his first victory because for fans, he deserved to win.

“Well…i enjoyed that Vegeta dominance while it lasted. Couldn’t just let him beat the big bad even once huh?” one fan wrote on Viz.

“what!..WHAT! how?!?!?! I hate this! Why can’t vegeta win once?!?! *mad*” another added.

When to expect the next chapter

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 will be released on July 20.

However, for fans who wanted to learn about the new chapter ahead, usually raw scans of the manga will be leaked two to three days before the release date. So, expect some updates around July 17 to 18!

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