‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 62: Vegeta may use Grand Supreme Kai

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 62: Vegeta may use Grand Supreme Kai

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 will surely be more intense as Moro, and Vegeta’s battle continues. The prince struggles to defeat the gigantic humanoid goat, but he may finally beat him with this method.

Vegeta may use his new powers to summon Grand Supreme Kai to finally bring Moro down in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62. Vegeta may separate Majin Buu from Grand Supreme Kai to face the evil wizard.

The use of Grand Supreme Kai

Vegeta was about to get the better of Moro with his Spirit Fission technique. However, the latter gained his powers back when he consumed the body of Seven-Three.

As the said technique didn’t work, Vegeta had to use something new. According to Block Toro, fan theories suggested he might use new powers to summon Grand Supreme Kai to defeat Moro.

There are rumors that Goku and Vegeta may fuse to form Gogeta to beat Moro. But, the prince may use the Spirit Fusion technique to separate Majin Buu from Grand Supreme Kai instead.

From here, Vegeta can use Grand Supreme Kai to face Moro, and he will never get tired like Majin Buu.

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Vegeta, Goku’s fusion in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62

There are also theories that Vegeta will get the help of Goku to face Moro in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62. They may fuse to form Gogeta and defeat the planet-eater villain.

Vegeta is already tired and beaten up. So, he might have a hard time to bring Moro down on his own. Although Goku already regained some of his strength, it might not be enough to defeat the universe’s most powerful wizard.

The all-powerful Gogeta versus Moro may be the final showdown in the next manga chapter. The Z-fighters’ fusion may come victorious as they are about to use their Ki and Fusion techniques.

Anyhow, fans should only take these assumptions with a grain of salt as these are only mere assumptions.

Other events in the next chapter

In the next chapter’s other events, Merus may come to earth to join Goku and Vegeta to fight Moro. Also, Goku can be seen mastering the Ultra Instinct, while Gogeta fusion may also be featured, along with Grand Supreme Kai versus Moro battle.

The next chapter is set to be out on Monday, July 20, while the raw scans can be seen two to three days before the release. Fans can see Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 on the official Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps and websites.

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