‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 62: Vegeta now powerless against Moro

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 62: Vegeta now powerless against Moro

Draft pages of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 are now out, and it gives a hint of what is about to come.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 sneak peek showed another intense battle between Moro and Vegeta. But after the gigantic humanoid goat devoured Android Seven-Three in the last chapter, things didn’t look good for everyone.

Moro’s new form

Moro has a new form that comes with much stronger abilities that turns to a major concern for Goku, Vegeta, and others.

After he devoured Android Seven-Three, he got a new look and form. Piccolo revealed Moro is now much stronger than the Saiyans. 

What will happen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62?

Twitter user DBS Chronicles dropped the draft pages of the new installment, revealing what fans could expect.

“Moro confirms that 73’s power has been added to his power,” the tweet read. “Vegeta gets mad and wants to beat him down, but he’s powerless against Moro.”

“Moro grabs Vegeta’s neck from behind and uses 73’s ability to copy his techniques and launches a Big Bang Attack on Vegeta!” it continued.

The intense battle between Moro and Vegeta

Titled Desperation Situation, it speaks volumes about what will happen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62. According to International Business Timesit will continue where the previous chapter exactly left off.

Moro managed to absorb all of Seven-Three’s powers and abilities. When he grabbed Vegeta’s neck, Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo were shocked to see his image was left on Moro’s palm when he broke free.

It only means that Moro now can copy his opponent’s power when he touches their neck. Now, they all wonder if Moro has also taken the hold of Vegeta’s powers.

Moro will continuously attack Vegeta and even uses a massive punch. Vegeta will be able to revive himself, but he will see Moro above him.

Here, Moro will use one of Vegeta’s powers against him. As Vegeta will be powerless to defeat Moro, will this be the best time for him to work together with Goku?

Goku is still recovering from his fight against Moro. However, as Vegeta seems to be failing, it looks like he needs to return to the battlefield and help the Saiyan prince.

The new chapter’s release date and other details

Fans’ waiting game to see Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 will be finally over. The new installment will be out on Monday, July 20, after over a month-long of waiting.

Fans can read the new chapter for free on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump digital library, Comicbook noted.

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