‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 63: Will Goku, Vegeta survive?

Goku and Vegeta

Fans are now waiting for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 after what happened to Goku in the last chapter. With a hole in Goku’s chest and Vegeta’s defeat, does it mean Moro already won?

The previous chapter saw the Z fighters defeated. Moro once again proved his powers, leaving Goku with a critical injury. Now the big question is, will Goku and Vegeta survive in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63? Will they ever beat Moro?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 spoilers

In the next chapter, Jaco is the only Z fighter who managed to survive. However, he, too, may sacrifice himself to stop Moro from continuously causing destruction, Block Toro noted.

In Chapter 62, Moro show what he got after destroying the Z fighters. Jaco tried to kill Moro with his gun, but to no avail.

Fortunately, Angel Merus arrived on earth, wearing his full Galactic Patrol gear. This just proved that the theories Angel Merus would face Moro in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 were true.

After Goku Black stabbed Goku in the heart, someone had to revive the fan-favorite superhero. Fans are now hoping that he will regain his strength and use Ultra Instinct to finally put Moro down in Chapter 63.

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The hype surrounding Chapter 62

Meanwhile, before Chapter 62 came out, fans were so hyped they made it a trend on Twitter. Two days before the recent installment dropped, it was a trending topic.

According to Comicbook, fans were all excited for Chapter 62’s release after the previous cliffhanger showed Vegeta’s new technique. Things became more intense when Chapter 61 also revealed that Moro had a new form that gave him an edge over Goku and Vegeta.

However, what happened in Chapter 62 broke a lot of hearts with the defeat of the two Saiyans. Hence, they are now hoping that everything will change after Angel Merus’ arrival.

The new chapter’s release date and other details

Sadly, fans have to wait a little longer before they finally see the possible rise of Goku and Vegeta. The Viz media website revealed Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 is set to be out on Thursday, Aug. 20—a month of waiting from now.

Fans can expect to see the new chapter’s raw scans two to three days before its release. So, it will be in the days between Aug. 17 to Aug. 18.

For those who haven’t read Chapter 62 yet, it is now available on the official Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps and websites for free.

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